Verstappen tests Ferrari at Mugello: Happy to Help

Max Verstappen provides mentorship and guidance to young driver Thierry Vermeulen while testing in a Ferrari at the Mugello circuit.


‣ Max Verstappen mentors Thierry Vermeulen in a Ferrari GT car
‣ Verstappen provides valuable feedback to young driver during test
‣ Thierry Vermeulen has no ambitions to reach Formula 1
‣ Verstappen also involved with Vermeulen’s team in Switzerland

Max Verstappen was spotted doing something surprising – testing a Ferrari at Mugello circuit. Actually, his drive had nothing to do with Ferrari’s F1 team; he was there to mentor 21-year-old Thierry Vermeulen, son of Verstappen’s manager Raymond Vermeulen, who races a Ferrari GT car under the brand.

During his time at the Mugello circuit, Verstappen completed his laps in a Ferrari 296 GT3 to provide the young driver with the necessary feedback. In fact, Raymond Veermulen admitted that “Max was able to give him a few good tips after a few laps.” This mentorship is invaluable in a world where the right guidance can make all the difference.

It’s also interesting to note that Thierry has no ambitions to reach the premier class. According to Vermeulen, “Formula 1 is not a goal for us. I know the way up, and the air is far too rarefied for that. So we will stay away from that. There are other interesting categories in racing.” Helmut Marko added: “One day, Max will set up his own GT team. He is just a real racer.”

In addition to mentoring Thierry, Verstappen made another move, this time at the young Vermeulen’s Emil Frey team in Safenwil, Switzerland. He said, “I am happy to help Thierry,” and further explained, “We are like a big family, and I am also a GT and sim racing fan.” He also mentioned, “We are like a big family, and I am also a GT and sim racing fan.”

This is a strong reminder of the ties that bind the racing world, showing that while teams compete on the field, off it, they share a strong community that can lead to mentorship and even the formation of future teams.”

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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