Verstappen Unchanged: Missed Out 88 Times Explained

Max Verstappen, after achieving his 100th F1 podium with a win in Saudi Arabia, remains focused on perfection and is cautious about his car’s performance in the upcoming Melbourne race, despite his humorous take on missing 88 podiums.


‣ Max Verstappen has achieved his 100th F1 podium with a win in Saudi Arabia, showcasing his confidence and perfectionist approach.

‣ Despite reaching a career milestone, Verstappen humorously focuses on the podiums he missed, indicating his continuous drive for better performance.

‣ Verstappen emphasizes his indifference towards statistics, prioritizing the pursuit of the best possible results in races over accolades.

‣ Ahead of the Melbourne race, Verstappen is cautious, acknowledging the need to adapt to the new track layout and tarmac, and is preparing through simulator sessions to gauge competitiveness.

Max Verstappen? Oh, he’s got confidence to spare when he’s racing. And, boy, does he aim for perfection in every single detail. The guy just snagged his 100th F1 podium with a win in Saudi Arabia. Yet, he threw out a joke about his glass being “half empty.”

“That’s 88 missed podiums,” he quipped. It was his way of downplaying the milestone after being prodded about it. “Sure, I’m thrilled about hitting 100,” he admitted. But Verstappen? He’s not one to dwell on numbers. “I’m just focused on racing, always chasing the best result,” he said, shifting gears to a more serious tone. The man’s a three-time world champion, after all.

### Different challenge in Melbourne

Now, Melbourne’s on the horizon. And it’s a whole new ballgame. Red Bull’s been killing it, sure. But Verstappen’s not resting easy. “Melbourne’s track? It’s a different beast,” he noted. With its new layout and tarmac, he’s curious. “We’re hitting the simulator next week,” he shared. The goal? To tweak their setup to perfection before the actual race. “But really, predicting our performance? It’s a shot in the dark,” he confessed.

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