Verstappen Wins Saudi Arabia Grand Prix with Ease

Max Verstappen won the second Grand Prix of 2024 in Saudi Arabia, leading a Red Bull one-two finish with Sergio Perez, while debutant Oliver Bearman had a notable performance finishing seventh, amidst a race filled with excitement mainly in the middle and back of the field.


‣ Max Verstappen won the second Grand Prix of 2024 in Saudi Arabia, leading a one-two finish for Red Bull Racing with Sergio Perez securing the second spot.

Charles Leclerc of Ferrari claimed the final spot on the podium, finishing third in the race.

‣ Oliver Bearman, filling in for the unwell Carlos Sainz at Ferrari, made an impressive debut by qualifying 11th and finishing the Grand Prix in seventh place.

‣ The race featured notable performances from the middle and back of the field, including a point-scoring finish for Nico Hulkenberg of Haas in tenth place, amidst excitement caused by Lance Stroll‘s early exit due to a crash.

Max Verstappen did it again! This time, he clinched victory at the second Grand Prix of 2024. Racing for Red Bull, the Dutch sensation was unstoppable in Saudi Arabia. And guess what? It was a one-two punch for the Austrian team. Sergio Perez snagged second place, right behind Verstappen.

But wait, there’s more. Charles Leclerc of Ferrari managed to secure the third spot on the podium. Quite the race, huh?

Now, let’s talk about Oliver Bearman for a sec. This kid stepped in for the unwell Carlos Sainz at Ferrari. And boy, did he make an entrance! Qualifying 11th might not sound too flashy, but his debut? Stellar. Bearman crossed the finish line in seventh place. Not too shabby, especially considering it was his first time out.

Oh, and he had a pretty decent car to help him out. But still, props to him. Behind Bearman, Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton had to make do with watching the newcomer steal the spotlight.

The real drama unfolded in the middle and back of the pack. Lance Stroll’s race ended with a bang, literally, after a major crash. This mishap opened up opportunities for the underdogs. And who swooped in to grab a point? Haas, thanks to Nico Hulkenberg’s solid performance. He finished tenth, earning a well-deserved point.

So, there you have it. A race full of surprises, from Verstappen’s dominance to Bearman’s impressive debut. And let’s not forget the scramble for points among the smaller teams. Just another day in the fast-paced world of Formula 1.

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