Verstappen’s Continued Advantage over Perez with the RB19

Despite rumors that Red Bull Racing favors Max Verstappen with a better car, Mika Hakkinen believes that Verstappen’s advantage comes from his consistent performance and communication with the team, which has allowed the car to be optimized to fit him perfectly.


‣ Red Bull Racing is often rumored to favor Max Verstappen with a better car than his teammate, a claim that the team and Mika Hakkinen deny.
‣ Verstappen, who has been with Red Bull since 2016 and has won three world titles, is believed to have a significant advantage due to his consistent performance and communication with the team.
‣ Hakkinen suggests that the RB19 car has been optimized to fit Verstappen’s driving style and needs, thanks to the team’s technology, personnel, and Verstappen’s feedback.
‣ Despite the car being tailored to Verstappen, Hakkinen asserts that the driver’s success is not solely due to the car and team, but also his unique skills and consistent performance.

The rumour mill churns again. Is Red Bull Racing giving Max Verstappen a superior car compared to his teammate? Everyone at Red Bull Racing dismisses it as hogwash. But Mika Hakkinen, he sees an edge for Verstappen.

Verstappen’s performance in his Red Bull seems to improve each year. Since 2016, the Dutchman has been with the Milton Keynes-based team. He’s already bagged three world titles by 2023. As Verstappen’s star rises, so do the critics. Is Red Bull crafting the car specifically for Max? Hakkinen, the Finn, agrees it’s not the case. But he’s also aware that Verstappen does enjoy a significant advantage.

Verstappen and the RB19: A Match Made in Heaven

Hakkinen explains, “Any driver who’s been with a team for a while, and they’ve been consistent in speed and communication, they always grumble about the same issues. Over the years, with the same team members developing and designing the car, they can better analyze and address the so-called driving problems. I believe Red Bull’s car has been fine-tuned with technology, people, Max’s feedback, and consistency to make it a perfect fit for Max.” This insight came from a Unibet video.

According to Hakkinen, a two-time world champion, Red Bull has reached a performance level with Verstappen at the helm that’s unattainable for a teammate. He says, “Not even now that Checo has been with the team for a bit.”

Even though the car is now tailored to Verstappen’s needs, Hakkinen remains in awe of Max’s performance. He says, “I don’t think it’s just because the car and the team are so good. It requires a driver with something special. Max was able to deliver that something special. He could maintain the same level throughout the season.” The Finn’s words wrap up the discussion.

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