Verstappen’s Motivation: Horner’s Certainty on Doubts

Max Verstappen, a highly motivated and successful racer, won a virtual race at the Nürburgring, and his team boss, Christian Horner, believes he will continue to be successful in the future, with the team focusing on providing him with the tools to do so.


‣ Max Verstappen is a highly motivated racing driver who takes his profession very seriously and aims to win.
‣ Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing’s team boss, believes Verstappen’s motivation will remain unchanged in 2024, despite his numerous victories.
‣ Horner describes Verstappen as a driver with natural ability and self-confidence, who is in sync with his car.
‣ Verstappen and Red Bull are seen as favourites for next year’s world titles, following the early shift of focus to the development of the RB20.

Some folks see it as ‘just’ a computer game. Others, however, take it to heart and have a singular aim: victory. Max Verstappen, without a doubt, falls into the latter category. Last weekend, he participated in a virtual race at the Nürburgring and emerged victorious. Even when his world title was already a done deal in the F1 season, Verstappen didn’t show any signs of complacency.

Christian Horner, the team boss of Red Bull Racing, isn’t losing sleep over Verstappen’s motivation for 2024. This is despite the Dutchman’s already impressive track record. “I think he’ll be exactly the same,” Horner told GPblog and others. He went on to say, “He hasn’t changed in the last four or five years. He’s a racer. He wants to race. He wants to win.”

Horner has used these words before to describe his top driver. He repeats them with a sense of pride. “He’s at one with the car. He’s got so much natural ability and self-confidence in his own ability and faith in his own ability.” Horner believes Verstappen will continue this trajectory. He added, “And now it’s up to us to give him the tools to be able to do that. Hopefully we can take some of the lessons from this car and apply it into RB20.”

As for Verstappen, he doesn’t seem too concerned. His team halted further development of the RB19 months before the 2023 season ended. The focus was shifted entirely to the RB20. Both friends and rivals see Verstappen and Red Bull as the favourites for next year’s world titles once again.

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Albert Ramirez
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