Verstappen’s New Personal Trainer: What Has Changed

In 2024, Max Verstappen will have a new car and a new coach, Rupert Manwaring, who previously worked with Carlos Sainz and has already started a promising collaboration with Verstappen, focusing on adapting and enjoying the training sessions.


‣ Max Verstappen will have significant changes in 2024, including a new car and a new coach, Rupert Manwaring, replacing Bradley Scanes.

‣ Rupert Manwaring, Verstappen’s new coach, previously worked as the personal trainer for Carlos Sainz for eight years, bringing a wealth of experience from within the Formula 1 circuit.

‣ Verstappen has expressed satisfaction with the initial phase of his collaboration with Manwaring, highlighting the importance of adapting and personalizing the training schedule to suit his needs and preferences.

‣ Despite the change in personal trainers, Verstappen emphasizes the need for fun and adaptability in his training sessions, indicating a positive and open approach to his physical preparation under Manwaring’s guidance.

2024’s gonna be a whole new game for Max Verstappen. New wheels and, yup, a fresh face in the coaching corner. Rupert Manwaring’s stepping up to the plate, taking the baton from Bradley Scanes. Scanes? He called it quits last season.

So, who’s Manwaring? Well, he’s not new to the F1 circus. Spent a solid eight years beefing up another driver. That’s Carlos Sainz, by the way. They were a team back when Sainz was zipping around for Toro Rosso. And when January rolled around, Sainz hit Instagram with a kinda tear-jerker farewell to Manwaring.

Verstappen’s already vibing with the new guy

And guess what? Manwaring’s already on the job. Verstappen? He’s feeling pretty good about this new duo. Says Manwaring’s got the chops ’cause he’s been around the block. They’re already clicking.

But did Verstappen have a chat with Manwaring about keeping things status quo? Sorta. They’re tweaking things here and there, mixing in Manwaring’s two cents. That’s how you land on a training plan that’s all yours.

Scanes and Verstappen were a team for four years. Change can be good, Verstappen muses. Shaking up the routine keeps it interesting. And let’s be real, training’s not exactly his favorite pastime. It’s gotta have that fun factor.

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