Verstappen’s Red Bull Substitute Discusses Neck Strain from Difficult Tuesday

Jake Dennis, the Formula E world champion, expressed his enjoyment and the benefits of driving the RB19 during a Grand Prix weekend, despite acknowledging the difficulty of adjusting back to a Formula E car, and emphasized the importance of working with top engineers at Red Bull.


‣ Jake Dennis, the reigning Formula E world champion, had the opportunity to drive in a Grand Prix weekend, specifically in Max Verstappen‘s Red Bull during FP1 in Abu Dhabi.
‣ Dennis expressed that his experience with Red Bull may not significantly benefit his performance in Formula E, particularly in the upcoming E-Prix in Mexico.
‣ Despite this, Dennis acknowledged the value of working with a team like Red Bull and its top engineers, stating that he has gained valuable ideas that he can bring to his Formula E team.
‣ Dennis also expressed his enjoyment of driving the Red Bull car, noting its impressive downforce and the overall pleasure of the experience, despite the physical challenges it presented.

Jake Dennis had a pretty stellar year. In July, this British racer snagged the Formula E world title and even got his first taste of a Grand Prix weekend. He even got to do a few laps in Max Verstappen’s Red Bull during FP1 in Abu Dhabi.

When he attended the annual FIA Prize Giving Gala, someone asked him about his experience in the RB19. The question brought a big grin to his face. He said, “I reckon FP1 in Mexico will be a real challenge for me, having to adjust back to a Formula E car. So, I don’t reckon my experience with Red Bull will be much help for Formula E.” He was referring to the first E-Prix of the 2024 season, scheduled for early January in Mexico.

But, don’t get it twisted. Dennis sees the value in having driven the RB19 once, especially after years as Red Bull’s simulator driver. He said, “Being with a team like Red Bull for the past five years and rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s top engineers, it’s crucial to be around smart folks. They’ve got some of the best. You pick up ideas here and there and take them to your team [in Formula E] and try to push your team forward as much as possible.”

But, let’s not forget, it’s all about the racing. Dennis didn’t just get to drive FP1 in Abu Dhabi, he also got to participate in the test on Tuesday after the Grand Prix. He said, “Driving the car itself is an absolute joy. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve driven something with so much downforce. It definitely took me by surprise. It definitely lived up to that. So, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tuesday was a bit tough on the neck, doing 125 laps or so. But we got through it. What an amazing day.”

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