Verstappen’s Response to Joining Hamilton’s Team

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing driver, is set to continue with teammate Sergio Perez after it was revealed Lewis Hamilton had inquired about a spot on the team before re-signing with Mercedes, but Red Bull’s team boss, Christian Horner, did not see Hamilton and Verstappen working well together.


‣ Max Verstappen, the Red Bull Racing driver, will continue to have Sergio Perez as his teammate when he returns to the Austrian team’s factory after the holiday season.
‣ Lewis Hamilton had previously inquired about a potential spot next to Max Verstappen at Red Bull before signing a new contract with Mercedes.
‣ Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team boss, did not see Hamilton and Verstappen working together due to potential dynamics issues.
‣ Verstappen expressed indifference to the idea of Hamilton joining Red Bull, stating that there are many great drivers and sometimes things don’t work out.

Max Verstappen’s racing season is nearing its end. One more Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, a track where he’s consistently excelled, and he can finally take a breather.

Upon his return to the Austrian team’s factory post-holiday, he’ll be greeted by a familiar face. Sergio Perez, his teammate, will be there waiting. But, it could’ve been a different story, according to the English media.

Lewis Hamilton, it seems, had made inquiries about joining Red Bull. He was curious if there might be a spot for him alongside Verstappen.

Christian Horner, the boss of Red Bull’s team, had an interesting take on this. Hamilton’s representatives had approached the Austrian team before he renewed his contract with Mercedes. They wanted to know if there was room for discussion. But Horner wasn’t too keen on the idea of Hamilton and Verstappen as teammates. He felt the dynamics wouldn’t quite gel.

Verstappen, on the other hand, was indifferent. During a press conference in Abu Dhabi, he was asked about the possibility of teaming up with Hamilton. His response? “What would it add to know? I don’t know, but it’s not happening. There’s no point in making up stories if it’s not happening. I wouldn’t mind, it doesn’t matter to anyone. I don’t want to put it like now, particularly on Lewis. There are so many great drivers as well, so sometimes it just doesn’t work out like that.”

As it stands, Perez’s contract with Red Bull is set to expire after 2024. Meanwhile, Hamilton is tied to Mercedes until 2025. So, for now, it seems the status quo will remain.

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