Verstappen’s Sarcastic Response: Fantastic, I’m all for it!

Max Verstappen sarcastically expresses extreme enthusiasm for sprint races in Formula 1, with Lando Norris also admitting mixed feelings about the format but preferring the challenge of just having FP1 qualifying and a main race on Saturday and Sunday.


‣ Max Verstappen expresses extreme enthusiasm for sprint races in a sarcastic tone
‣ Verstappen’s cynical statements are met with laughter from Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo
‣ Norris prefers normal race weekends but acknowledges the format is for the fans and putting on a show
‣ Norris suggests having FP1, qualifying, and a main race over two days as a potential alternative.

Max Verstappen has recently taken on a sarcastic tone when discussing sprint races in Formula 1. He expresses extreme enthusiasm, but it’s evident that he is not a fan of the format. Verstappen jokingly comments, “Yes, it’s been absolutely fantastic and so much fun. I get so excited by having a sprint again, I’m all for it!” His cynical statements have drawn laughter from fellow drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo during a press conference.

Lando Norris also shares his mixed feelings about the sprint race format. While he enjoys the challenge of just FP1 and qualifying, he believes a main race on Saturday and Sunday would be ideal. Norris explains, “I think it’s, for me, more enjoyable, and more of a challenge for the engineers and for us as drivers. So if you just had FP1 qualifying and a main race Saturday, Sunday, it would be nice.”

Despite their differing opinions, both Verstappen and Norris recognize that the introduction of sprint races is for the fans and to put on a more exciting show. Verstappen’s sarcastic remarks and Norris’s preference for a condensed race weekend highlight the ongoing discussions around the format changes in Formula 1.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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