Vettel May Not Be Active in 2024 But Doesn’t Rule Out Comeback

Despite speculation, Sebastian Vettel’s racing career may not continue in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) or the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2024, due to factors such as time constraints and sustainability concerns, but he remains open to future opportunities.


‣ There were speculations about Sebastian Vettel competing in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) and driving the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2024, but it seems unlikely to happen.
‣ Several F1 drivers, including Mick Schumacher and Robert Kubica, are participating in the WEC, and motorbike world champion Valentino Rossi will also compete throughout 2024.
‣ Vettel had not tested with Porsche’s JOTA team due to several reasons, including the vehicle being abroad, the requirement of 30 days’ notice for tests, and Vettel’s personal plans.
‣ Vettel remains cautious about his future plans but does not rule out a comeback. He is concerned about the lack of sustainability in motorsport but believes in finding more sustainable alternatives, such as synthetic fuel.

Sebastian Vettel’s racing career has been a hot topic of speculation for quite a while. Many thought he’d be racing in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) and even driving the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2024. But, it seems like those predictions might not come true.

We’ve got several F1 drivers in the WEC, like Mick Schumacher and Robert Kubica. And let’s not forget motorbike world champ Valentino Rossi, who’s also set to compete in 2024. Vettel would’ve been a great addition, but it seems like that’s not on the cards for next year, according to

Then there’s the JOTA team. Porsche’s JOTA seemed like the perfect place for Vettel. But, JOTA team boss Dieter Gass confirmed that Vettel hadn’t tested with JOTA. “We had contact, but for several reasons, including the vehicle being abroad and the 30 days’ notice for tests, a test with our Porsche couldn’t really happen,” Gass said.

The WEC races, along with preparation and testing, can be a real time-suck. So, it’s not shocking that Vettel is choosing family over racing. He’s already mentioned wanting to spend more time with them after leaving Formula 1. But Gass made it clear that the door’s still open for Vettel. “We’re still interested in working with him and continuing discussions at any time, including for 2025.”

Vettel, on the other hand, is playing his cards close to his chest. “There was some discussion, because of course I had several questions, but there is nothing concrete yet,” he said. He’s content with how things are going, but he’s not ruling out a comeback. “Of course it could always happen again, because that’s something I miss and when I’m next to it on the track, of course I feel it. It’s not easy and in the end you bite your teeth.”

One thing that’s been a bit of a roadblock for Vettel is the lack of sustainability in racing. But, he says that wouldn’t stop him from making a return. “Motorsport is not sustainable yet. Many things we do is not yet sustainable. The answer (to the question of when he will get back in the car) cannot be total abstinence. That will not happen. In that sense in it’s my passion. I discovered it as a little boy”. According to Vettel, it’s all about finding more sustainable alternatives, like synthetic fuel.

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