Visa Cash App RB’s Top Competition: Ricciardo Stays Realistic

Daniel Ricciardo, now driving for Visa Cash App RB, a subsidiary of Red Bull Racing, expresses cautious optimism for the new season, aiming to build the team and gradually progress towards the front, despite acknowledging that wins and podiums are currently more aspirational than realistic.


‣ Daniel Ricciardo is driving for the team now known as Visa Cash App RB, a subsidiary of Red Bull Racing, for the second consecutive season.

‣ Ricciardo’s expectations for the new season are cautious, acknowledging the team is in a building phase and aiming to establish itself more firmly in the competition.

‣ He expresses that while wins and podiums are currently more aspirational than realistic, there is hope for progress throughout the season.

‣ Making a comeback at the Hungarian Grand Prix last season, Ricciardo has set a personal goal to make Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko smile in the new season.

Daniel Ricciardo’s made a switch. Last season, he filled Nyck de Vries‘ shoes at AlphaTauri. This year? He’s back but with a twist. The team’s got a new name – Visa Cash App RB. And Ricciardo? He’s the good-humoured Aussie lighting up the paddock in Bahrain, buzzing with hopes for the season ahead.

So, can Ricciardo and his crew push to the front? He’s straight to the point. “I’d love to say yes.” But it’s not that simple. They’re in the midst of building, crafting something new. This year’s a test, a big one for Visa Cash App RB. “It’s about establishing ourselves,” he says, aiming to inch towards the front, bit by bit.

Ricciardo’s got dreams. Wins, podiums – they’re on his mind. Yet, he admits, “It’s more wish than reality.” But don’t count them out. Progress is the game plan, with hopes of narrowing the gap as the season unfolds. That’s the word from Verstappen’s ex-sidekick.

Remember the Hungarian Grand Prix? That was Ricciardo’s grand return. After a hiatus from F1, he was back in the driver’s seat. And now? Making Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko crack a smile is on his quirky ‘to-do list’. Classic Ricciardo, always aiming to lighten the mood while setting his sights on the track.

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Albert Ramirez
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