Waché Discusses Red Bull’s Aggressive RB20 Risk

Pierre Waché, in an exclusive interview, emphasized the necessity of evolving Red Bull Racing’s RB20 to maintain competitiveness, highlighting aggressive adjustments and the balance between performance gains and reliability risks as key to staying ahead in Formula 1.


‣ Pierre Waché emphasizes the necessity of evolving the Red Bull Racing car to maintain competitiveness, leading to the radical changes in the RB20.

‣ The aggressive adjustments to the RB20, according to Waché, are a result of exploiting the stabilized rules to push the car’s design to the extreme, taking risks to secure future advantages.

‣ Waché outlines the importance of balancing compromises in car design, particularly highlighting the challenges in suspension, cooling, and aerodynamics to enhance overall performance without sacrificing reliability.

‣ The development strategy for the RB20 involves taking significant risks, especially with cooling and suspension, to push the aerodynamic concept further, aiming to improve low-speed corner performance and manage the trade-offs between aerodynamics and ride quality.

Adrian Newey often grabs the headlines for Red Bull Racing’s new car designs. Yet, Pierre Waché’s influence is growing behind the scenes. He spilled the beans to GPblog.com about the radical changes to the RB20.

Pierre found a quiet spot in the shadow of Red Bull Racing’s hospitality area. It was the first day of winter testing. The RB20 was the center of attention after its launch. Competitors were caught off guard by its design in Bahrain. Waché couldn’t hide his excitement about the car he and his team had developed.

“Why change the RB19 at all?” people wondered. Pierre had a straightforward answer. “Because if you don’t evolve, you’re left behind. It’s all about pushing forward, improving constantly. We’re in it to win, and making significant changes was the only way forward.”

He described the adjustments to the RB20 as “quite aggressive.” It’s about pushing boundaries, he explained. With stable rules, now was the time to take risks and learn for the future. “If we don’t, someone else will,” he added.

Keeping the team motivated is crucial, according to Waché. “They’re already pushing the limits. I’m probably the most conservative one among us. They thrive on innovation and seeing their ideas come to life.”

When asked about his role, Pierre talked about setting priorities and making compromises. “It’s all about finding the right balance. Every decision has its trade-offs.”

The compromises for this year? “We had to make choices about the suspension and cooling systems. It’s a balancing act between aerodynamics, weight, and reliability.”

The goal for the RB20 was clear. “We aimed to enhance the car’s overall performance without sacrificing reliability.”

Focusing on low-speed corner performance was key. Last year, bumps on the track had hindered their performance. “Improving that was a challenge. We had to find the right balance without losing aerodynamic efficiency.”

The biggest risks? “Overhauling the cooling system and suspension. We’re also looking at how these changes affect the car’s weight and potential for bouncing. It’s a delicate balance.”

Cooling is a critical aspect for the team. “It’s integral to our aerodynamic philosophy. We’re trying to streamline airflow as much as possible.”

As for the development curve under the current regulations, Waché believes there’s still room for improvement. “It’s a challenge, but we’re not at a standstill. The concept you choose dictates your path.”

How much further can they push their concept? “It’s hard to say. Ideally, if we did everything perfectly, we wouldn’t need to develop further. But in reality, we’re always learning, always adapting. It’s a continuous process of evolution.”

Pierre’s candidness offers a rare glimpse into the strategic thinking at Red Bull Racing. The team’s relentless pursuit of improvement and willingness to take risks keeps them at the forefront of Formula 1 innovation.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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