Watch Red Bull RB20 Launch with Verstappen & Perez: Date & Time Guide

Red Bull Racing, the constructors’ champion, is set to unveil their new RB20 car for the 2024 Formula 1 season in Milton Keynes at 19:30 UK time on Thursday 15 February, with the event featuring Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, and team boss Christian Horner, and available for live viewing via the team’s YouTube channel and GPblog.


‣ Nine of the 10 Formula 1 teams have presented their new cars for the 2024 season, with Red Bull Racing, the constructors’ champion, unveiling the RB20 in the presence of Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, and team boss Christian Horner.

‣ The launch of Red Bull’s RB20 is scheduled for 19:30 UK time on Thursday 15 February, taking place in Milton Keynes at the team’s F1 factory, with the event featuring not only the team’s primary drivers but also F1 Academy drivers Emely de Heus and Hamda Al Qubaisi.

‣ The RB20 launch can be watched live via a livestream on the team’s YouTube channel and GPblog, starting at 19:30 UK time.

‣ Despite an ongoing independent investigation into alleged inappropriate behaviour, Christian Horner will be present at the RB20 unveiling and will participate in the event, including answering questions from the press.

Almost all the Formula 1 teams have shown off their shiny new cars for the 2024 season. But today? Today’s special. It’s Red Bull Racing’s turn, the reigning champs. With stars like Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, and the big boss Christian Horner in the spotlight, they pulled the covers off the RB20 on Thursday. Wondering where and when you could catch this spectacle? Keep reading.

So, when’s the big reveal? Picture this: It’s Thursday, 15 February, and the clock strikes 19:30 UK time. That’s 20:30 if you’re tuning in from Central Europe. The place to be is Milton Keynes, right in the heart of Red Bull’s F1 operations. And it’s not just Verstappen, Perez, and Horner gracing us with their presence. Red Bull’s F1 Academy stars, Emely de Heus from the Netherlands and Hamda Al Qubaisi from the UAE, will also be there, adding to the excitement.

How can you dive into the action live? Easy. There’s a livestream. Catch it on Red Bull’s YouTube or even GPblog. Just hit play at 19:30, and you’re in, live and direct from the comfort of wherever you are.

And guess what? GPblog isn’t just watching from the sidelines. They’re right there in Milton Keynes, ready to serve up the first glimpses of the RB20. Plus, they’ll bring you the inside scoop from Verstappen, Perez, and Horner. Expectations are high, especially with Adrian Newey, the design genius, behind the drawing board.

Now, about Christian Horner. Despite the whispers and the ongoing investigation into some alleged not-so-great behavior, he’s showing up. He was even at the Silverstone shakedown. Horner’s set to face the press, though don’t hold your breath for any juicy comments on the investigation. He’s likely keeping those cards close to his chest.

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