Wheatley Aims to Regain F1 Record, Claims Otherwise Would Be Dishonest

Red Bull Racing, known for its fast pit stops in Formula 1, lost the record for the fastest stop ever to McLaren in 2023, but the team’s sporting director has expressed their intention to reclaim the record.


‣ Red Bull Racing has been known for performing the fastest pit stops in Formula 1, winning the ‘pit stop championship’ again in 2023.
‣ However, Red Bull lost the record for the fastest stop ever to McLaren.
‣ Red Bull’s sporting director has expressed the team’s intention to reclaim the record from McLaren.
‣ Red Bull recently demonstrated another impressive pit stop, performing a 2.84-second stop in the dark at its factory in Milton Keynes.

Red Bull Racing has been a force to reckon with in Formula 1 pit stops for years. They clinched the ‘pit stop championship’ once more in 2023, with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez leading the team. However, they had to concede the fastest stop record to McLaren.

Jonathan Wheatley, in a light-hearted moment on the Talking Bull podcast, said he was okay discussing it after a few weeks of therapy. He lauded the McLaren team for their exceptional pit stop. According to him, all 22 members, including the driver, did an outstanding job.

The headline? “Red Bull wants record back from McLaren.” Red Bull’s sporting director is clear about their intentions. They want to snatch the record back from the Woking-based team. Wheatley admits that beating the record is indeed a target. He believes in their strategy of maintaining the lowest average times.

Red Bull recently showcased another impressive pit stop. The Austrian F1 team executed a 2.84-second pit stop at their Milton Keynes factory. What made it remarkable? It was performed in complete darkness.

So, that’s the story. Red Bull, not content with just winning the pit stop championship, is eyeing the fastest stop record. They’re not just racing on the track, but also in the pits. It’s a fascinating aspect of the sport, isn’t it?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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