Why Mexican Formula 1 Fans Lost Interest in Verstappen

Max Verstappen‘s relationship with Mexican Formula 1 fans has soured due to his rivalry with teammate Sergio Perez and his refusal to help Perez secure second place in the drivers’ championship, leading to criticism and a loss of popularity in the country.


‣ Max Verstappen was once beloved in Mexico but his popularity has decreased

‣ The rivalry with his Red Bull Racing teammate Sergio Perez and an incident from a year ago contributed to the change in attitude

‣ Verstappen’s refusal to let Perez pass him in a race caused annoyance and criticism in Mexico

‣ Verstappen’s competitive nature and desire to win has caused him to lose some fans in the country

Max Verstappen’s popularity has taken a hit in Mexico, and it raises the question of why he is receiving such hate from Formula 1 fans in the country. According to Mexico’s Esto, Verstappen was once a beloved figure in Mexico, with an example being his arrival at the 2017 Mexican Grand Prix in a van. However, the relationship between Verstappen and his Red Bull Racing teammate Sergio Perez has fueled a change in attitude from local fans.

Esto highlights a specific incident that occurred a year ago, which played a significant role in the shift of sentiment towards Verstappen. The newspaper explains that Verstappen has been criticized for not assisting Perez in certain race results. Despite having a good relationship with Perez, Verstappen’s competitive nature has caused him to prioritize his own success, leading to the loss of some fans in Mexico.

One notable moment was when Verstappen refused to let his teammate pass him to secure important points for Perez in the drivers’ championship, which ultimately went to Charles Leclerc. This action sparked annoyance among Mexican fans, especially considering Verstappen was already the champion at that point. Even Perez himself expressed his disappointment, mentioning that Verstappen had helped him on multiple occasions in the past.

It is evident that Verstappen’s rivalry with Perez and his refusal to prioritize his teammate’s success have contributed to his declining popularity in Mexico. Despite the criticism, Verstappen remains a fierce competitor who has shown his determination to win. However, it is important to consider the impact these actions have had on his relationship with Mexican Formula 1 fans as he heads to the upcoming Mexican Grand Prix.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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