Why Steiner Left Haas: The Untold Reason Revealed

Guenther Steiner left the Haas Formula 1 team after a disagreement over sponsorship and shareholding arrangements, and although he is no longer active in the sport, he remains content and keeps up with F1 developments through conversations and gossip.


‣ Guenther Steiner’s departure from the Haas Formula 1 team was due to disagreements over sponsorship and shareholding with team owner Gene Haas.

‣ Steiner had secured a sponsor for 20 million, but his proposal was rejected by Gene Haas, leading to Steiner’s decision to leave the team.

‣ Despite his departure, Steiner does not necessarily miss being active in Formula 1, enjoying his time at home while still keeping in touch with the sport through commentary and discussions with insiders.

So, here’s the scoop on Guenther Steiner and his unexpected exit from the Haas team. With the new Formula 1 season just around the corner, the bombshell dropped. Less than two months out, and bam, Steiner’s out. On Ziggo Sport’s Race Café, the airwaves buzzed with the news, thanks to F1 journalist Jack Plooij.

Plooij got the inside story straight from the horse’s mouth. Or, well, his phone. “He pinged me,” Plooij shared, “with a, ‘Jack, just say it,’ kinda message.” Turns out, Steiner had a plan. A big one. He’d bagged a sponsor willing to fork over 20 million. But Gene Haas? Not on board. Steiner floated the idea of snagging some shares, sticking around, eyeing the horizon. “Nope,” said Haas. And that was that. Steiner walked.

### Steiner’s Life After F1
Now, onto Steiner and his life post-F1. You might think he’s pining for the pit lanes, but nope. He’s swapped the roar of engines for the comfort of home. Sure, he’s doing a bit of commentating for German RTL, but that’s about it. “Miss it? Not really,” he says. He’s keeping an ear to the ground, though. Chatting with folks, soaking up the F1 gossip. But as for being in the thick of it? Those days are behind him.

It’s a tale of what could’ve been, of deals that didn’t close and paths not taken. Steiner’s story is a reminder of the high-stakes world of Formula 1, where fortunes can turn on a dime, and the future is anything but certain.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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