Windsor Confirms Ferrari Won’t Surpass Red Bull

Peter Windsor believes that despite Ferrari’s potential, Red Bull Racing, led by Max Verstappen‘s dominant performances, will remain unbeatable in the 2024 season, though Ferrari might win a race if circumstances favor them.


‣ Red Bull Racing is expected to dominate again this year, with Max Verstappen winning the first two races of the season.

‣ Ferrari is considered the second fastest team, but Peter Windsor believes they won’t overtake Red Bull in 2024 despite potential upgrades.

‣ Verstappen had a dominant performance last season, winning 19 of the 22 races, and his winning streak seems to continue into 2024.

‣ Windsor offers a glimmer of hope for Ferrari, suggesting they could win a race if circumstances favor them, but doubts they will challenge Red Bull for the championship.

Oh boy, Red Bull Racing is on a roll again this year. Max Verstappen? The guy’s been killing it, snagging pole position in the first two races. And yep, he clinched victory in both. Talk about a strong start.

Now, Ferrari’s not exactly lagging behind. They’re quick, the quickest behind Verstappen’s squad. During a chill live stream, Peter Windsor, that Brit with a knack for racing insights, pondered out loud. Can Ferrari really zoom past Red Bull this season? Hmm.

Last season was all about Verstappen. Post-Miami Grand Prix, the man was a machine. Out of 22 races, he bagged 19 wins. Fast forward to 2024, he’s already 2 for 2. Insane, right?

Windsor: ‘Ferrari won’t overtake Red Bull in 2024’

Everyone’s on the edge of their seats, hoping for some real action this season. But Red Bull? They’ve gone and done it again. Crafted another beast of a car. Windsor’s take? “Ferrari overtaking Red Bull? Nah, don’t see it happening. Even with upgrades, it’s a long shot. They’ve got some tricks up their sleeve for the car’s rear, though.”

But here’s the kicker. Windsor believes the gap’s just too wide. Yet, he’s not all doom and gloom for Ferrari fans. “It’s not like Ferrari’s out of the race. They could snag a win. Imagine both Red Bulls hit a snag, and Charles or maybe Carlos Sainz has the race of his life. That’d be something, for Sainz especially, career-wise. But a full-on challenge to Red Bull? Hard to picture.”

So, there you have it. Red Bull’s looking unbeatable, but in racing, never say never. Ferrari’s got potential, and who knows? A twist of fate, a stroke of luck, and we might just see an upset. Fingers crossed, eh?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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