Windsor witnesses Verstappen dominating two sessions: Consistently completing rounds

Max Verstappen topped both free practice sessions for the Mexican Grand Prix, with Formula One journalist Peter Windsor commenting on Verstappen’s strong performance and noting that Red Bull appears to have more downforce than their rivals, while also mentioning that Nico Hulkenberg and Alex Albon were quick in a straight line, and Sergio Perez finished not far behind Verstappen in the sessions.


‣ Max Verstappen topped both free practice sessions with the fastest time.
‣ Peter Windsor analyzed the sessions and noted Verstappen’s strong performance and Red Bull’s high levels of downforce.
‣ Nico Hulkenberg had the highest speed in a straight line during the sessions.
‣ Sergio Perez finished third in FP1 and fifth in FP2, trailing behind Verstappen.

The first two free practice sessions for the Mexican Grand Prix have concluded, with Max Verstappen topping both sessions. Formula One journalist Peter Windsor provided his analysis, noting Verstappen’s strong performance in putting together complete laps with excellent times in all three sectors. Windsor also highlighted Red Bull’s impressive downforce compared to their rivals.

Another notable observation from the sessions was the top speed on the straight. Nico Hulkenberg in the Haas-Ferrari recorded the fastest speed at 351 k/ph, closely followed by Alex Albon at 350 k/ph. This is particularly noteworthy given the long straight in Mexico.

Sergio Perez, driving in his home race, showed a strong performance but was unable to surpass Verstappen. In the first session, Perez finished third, just three-tenths of a second behind Verstappen. In the second session, Perez was again three-tenths slower, placing him in fifth during FP2.

In an interview, former F1 driver Mika Hakkinen praised Verstappen’s performance and predicted a victory in the near future for the young driver. With Verstappen’s consistently impressive showings in the practice sessions, it seems that he is in strong contention for success in the upcoming race.

Overall, the first two practice sessions for the Mexican Grand Prix have showcased Verstappen’s dominance and Red Bull’s competitive performance. With the race approaching, anticipation is building for an exciting and closely fought event.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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