Windsor’s Striking Statement on Mercedes’ Potential Car Performance

Formula 1 analyst Peter Windsor suggests that Lewis Hamilton may retire if the Mercedes car isn’t good this year, potentially opening a spot for Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, who is under contract with Ferrari until 2024.


‣ Formula 1 analyst Peter Windsor believes that Lewis Hamilton’s decision to continue racing may depend on the performance of his Mercedes car this year.
‣ Windsor suggests that if Hamilton decides to retire due to a poor-performing car, Charles Leclerc might move to Mercedes.
‣ Charles Leclerc is currently contracted with the Italian Scuderia until the end of 2024.
‣ A new contract is ready for Leclerc to sign with Ferrari, which could potentially earn him a significant amount of money.

Peter Windsor, a seasoned Formula 1 analyst, has dropped a bombshell about the Mercedes team. He’s talking about Toto Wolff, Lewis Hamilton, and George Russell. Hamilton, a seven-time world champ, inked a new deal last season. So, the Stevenage-born Brit is set to race for Mercedes for at least two more years.

Hamilton’s Racing Future

Windsor’s got some thoughts on Hamilton’s racing future. He reckons it hinges on a bunch of different factors. He even throws Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc into the mix.

Windsor’s been chatting on his YouTube channel. He’s not convinced Hamilton will stick around if the Mercedes car isn’t up to scratch this year. “If the car’s a dud, Leclerc might end up at Mercedes,” he speculates. But he’s quick to add, “I’m not saying Hamilton’s retiring. But if he does announce it early enough…”

Leclerc’s Deal

Leclerc, the Monegasque driver, is tied to the Italian Scuderia until 2024’s end. There’s a chance he might extend his stay, but it’s all up in the air. He hasn’t put pen to paper on a new contract yet.

But there’s a contract waiting for him. If he signs, he could be raking in the big bucks.

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