Wolff defends tantrum: That’s totally unjustified

Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur showed anger when one of his cars was hit by a loose manhole cover and received a grid penalty, while Toto Wolff went on a rant after a journalist described the incident as a ‘black eye’ for Formula 1.


‣ Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur’s anger at the incident involving Carlos Sainz
‣ Toto Wolff’s temper tantrum in response to a journalist’s comments
‣ Wolff’s criticism of the journalist
‣ Wolff’s explanation for his outburst during the press conference

Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur and Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff were both upset for unique reasons. Vasseur was irritated when Carlos Sainz got hit by a loose manhole cover, along with getting a grid penalty on his trousers. On the other hand, Wolff was frustrated with a journalist who claimed the incident during the free practice session tarnished Formula 1’s reputation. According to Wolff, the incident would be forgotten the next day and accused journalists of exaggerating the issue. He said, “Completely ridiculous”. When asked to explain his temper tantrum, Wolff clarified that he felt the negative comments were unjustified.

Wolff went on to explain that it was unfair to criticize the efforts of the race organizers and that such negativity was unjust. He compared the journalist’s interruption to shouting that the track was the “very last thing.” It was a reaction to what he perceived to be unwarranted negativity. He said, “That’s not fair to the work that has been done here.” Overall, aspects of the situation had upset him because he believed it did not merit the level of outrage it received.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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