Wolff Discusses W15 Mercedes Front Wing Legality & FIA Involvement

Mercedes’ W15 front wing design, which has been a point of discussion since the car’s presentation, is completely in accordance with FIA rules, as confirmed by team boss Toto Wolff and the ongoing communication with the FIA throughout its development.


‣ Mercedes’ W15 front wing design is in compliance with FIA regulations, as confirmed by team boss Toto Wolff.

‣ The design and development process of the W15’s front wing involved continuous communication and exchange with the FIA to ensure adherence to the sport’s strict rules.

‣ Despite the innovative approach, including the previous year’s zeropod concept, Mercedes ensures that their car designs, including the W15’s front wing, strictly follow the regulatory framework set by the top class of motorsport.

Mercedes’ W15 front wing? Yeah, it’s been turning heads since the car rolled out. The nose? Not what you’d expect, but Toto Wolff, the big boss at Mercedes, swears it’s all above board. He spilled the beans on day one in Bahrain, saying the FIA’s in the loop.

Oh, and about that front wing. It’s not just slapped on willy-nilly. Wolff, who’s got Lewis Hamilton and George Russell under his wing, says it’s all by the book. They’re not about to spring a surprise on the FIA. That’s a no-go.

Mercedes’ W15 front wing, playing by the rules

“Everything we’ve done, we’ve done with the FIA breathing down our necks,” Wolff explained. It’s a dance, really. You come up with something clever, and then it’s back and forth with the FIA. No shortcuts here.

Motorsport’s big leagues got even stricter in 2022. Remember the zeropod fiasco? Yeah, Mercedes tried something new, but it didn’t exactly pan out. But hey, at least they kept the front wing legit. Our tech gurus had their doubts, but it checks out.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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