Wolff Eyes Opportunity Amid Marko Rumors, Highlights Strong Relationship with Max

Toto Wolff comments on the potential departure of Helmut Marko from Red Bull Racing due to an internal investigation and hints at the possibility of Max Verstappen joining Mercedes in 2025 amidst the turmoil, while also expressing a preference for transparency in the ongoing investigation at Red Bull.


‣ Toto Wolff, Mercedes team boss, reacts to the potential departure of Helmut Marko from Red Bull Racing and subtly criticizes the team amidst rumors of internal turmoil.

‣ Helmut Marko, a key figure at Red Bull Racing, is under investigation for allegedly leaking information to the media, causing speculation about his future with the team.

‣ Wolff expresses respect for Marko despite their rivalry and hints at the possibility of Max Verstappen joining Mercedes in 2025 due to the ongoing issues at Red Bull.

‣ Wolff advocates for transparency in the handling of internal investigations within Formula 1 teams, reflecting on the situation with Christian Horner and Red Bull Racing’s decision to keep their investigation private.

Toto Wolff’s eyebrows are up. Way up. Seems like Red Bull Racing’s drama is thicker than a plot twist in a soap opera. After the qualifying rounds, Wolff couldn’t help but throw a bit of shade their way.

Oh, and about Helmut Marko? The rumor mill’s working overtime. Ahead of the Saudi Arabia qualifiers, Marko hinted he might be on thin ice. Apparently, there’s some hush-hush investigation accusing him of spilling secrets to the press. Red Bull Racing’s stance? “Nope, he’s not suspended.” But yeah, he’s more of a Red Bull GmbH guy, not really in the pit with the race team.

Wolff, chatting with ORF, couldn’t hide his smirk. “Losing Marko? Big oops for Red Bull,” he implied. Not that Wolff and Marko are BFFs, but respect is there. Respect for the ‘racer’ in Marko, that is. Meanwhile, Wolff’s eyes are on Max Verstappen, wondering if the storm at Red Bull might blow him towards Mercedes in 2025.

### Verstappen possibly to Mercedes?

“2025 and 2026? We’ve got a spot open,” Wolff teases. But he knows the deal – Verstappen’s after the speediest ride, and Red Bull’s it (for now). Wolff’s been in the Verstappen family’s ear for a decade, bonding over races and pit stops. But business is business, and friendships are just that.

Wolff had a chinwag with Sky Germany too. Topic? Christian Horner and that pesky investigation. Horner’s crossing fingers it’ll just vanish. Wolff? He’s all for airing the dirty laundry. “Transparency’s my jam,” he says. But he gets it – Red Bull’s playing by their own rulebook. “Their circus, their monkeys,” Wolff shrugs, wondering how long this drama will linger in the paddock air.

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