Wolff Holds Hamilton Responsible for Rushing Situation

Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ team principal, is in no rush to find a replacement for Lewis Hamilton, who will move to Ferrari in 2025, despite various drivers, including F2 rookie Andrea Kimi Antonelli, being linked to the now available seat.


‣ Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari from 2025 has been confirmed, creating a significant vacancy at Mercedes that team principal Toto Wolff is in no rush to fill.

‣ Toto Wolff emphasizes the importance of not rushing the decision for Lewis Hamilton’s replacement at Mercedes, despite the high interest from many drivers for the coveted seat.

‣ F2 rookie Andrea Kimi Antonelli is linked with the Mercedes seat, but his performance has been disappointing, partly due to his team’s slower car this year, a situation that Wolff acknowledges and is monitoring.

Mercedes’ results? Yeah, they’ve been kinda underwhelming for a while now. Oddly enough, everyone seemed cool with it. That is, until the bombshell dropped: Lewis Hamilton’s off to Ferrari in 2025. Toto Wolff? He’s calling it an “unnecessary rush.”

So, it’s out there. Hamilton and Ferrari, a match set for 2025. But who’s gonna fill those massive shoes at Mercedes? Even Toto Wolff’s scratching his head on that one. It’s the talk of the F1 world, and honestly, Wolff’s still figuring it out.

### Toto Wolff must look for replacement Lewis Hamilton

Wolff’s playing it cool, though. He’s said a few times he’s not diving headfirst into picking the next Mercedes star. But let’s be real, the line for that seat’s stretching around the block. Names are flying left and right as potential heirs to Hamilton’s throne. At a chat in Bahrain, Wolff threw us a curveball. “I’m chill on the driver front,” he says. “Lewis kinda threw me into the deep end, but hey, I’m just gonna hang back, watch the scene.”

Now, about that Mercedes seat. Everyone’s eyes are on F2 newbie Andrea Kimi Antonelli. But, uh, his F2 stint? Not exactly setting the world on fire. Blame it on a sluggish car or whatever, but Wolff’s not thrilled. “Those championship teams from ’17 and ’18? Nowhere near that level now. But hey, comparing him to his teammates? Gives us a bit of a yardstick. Maybe I’ve hyped him up too much. Let’s see what the next races bring.”

So, there you have it. Mercedes is in a bit of a pickle, Wolff’s taking his sweet time, and Antonelli? Well, he’s got a lot to prove. Let’s buckle up and see where this ride takes us.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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