Wolff on Brazil Grand Prix Failure

The Mercedes team is analyzing and digesting Brazil’s performance to prepare for the most anticipated Grand Prix in recent years, acknowledging their mistakes and looking forward to taking on a big challenge in Las Vegas with a unique schedule and track layout.


‣ Mercedes team is preparing for upcoming Grand Prix in Las Vegas after analyzing mistakes from the Brazil race
‣ Toto Wolff wants to secure P2 in the Constructors’ Championship after poor performance in Brazil
‣ Las Vegas race poses unique challenges with night racing and unusual track layout
‣ Mercedes has an impressive guest hosting program and expects high media interest for the Las Vegas race

After Brazil’s disappointing performance, Mercedes is ready to put that behind them and look forward to the Las Vegas Grand Prix. The team boss Toto Wolff acknowledges their struggles in Brazil while looking ahead to the upcoming race. Wolff said, “We have been hard at work to identify the wrong turn we took with the set-up; we have done that. We understand our mistakes and can explain our performance loss to the field.” This is important for the team as they work to secure the second-place spot in the Constructors’ Championship.

With limited prior information about the new circuit in Las Vegas, Mercedes has been preparing the best they can. Wolff explained, “We have prepared the best we can, using the limited information we have.” The night race in Las Vegas will bring several unique challenges to the team, given the offset schedule compared to other races and the unusual track layout. Wolff emphasizes that they are looking forward to taking on the challenge.

Despite the on-track challenges, Mercedes is ready to make an impact off the track as well. Wolff mentioned their impressive guest hosting program and the media interest that will be “through the roof” for the Las Vegas Grand Prix. He also expressed excitement about the world’s eyes being on Formula 1 and the opportunity to put on a spectacular show. Wolff anticipates this race will be special for everyone involved.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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