Wolff Responds Angrily to Horner’s Inquiry about Hamilton

There is ongoing controversy between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes over whether Lewis Hamilton approached Red Bull Racing or vice versa, with Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff claiming that Red Bull’s Christian Horner initiated contact through an agency to discuss Hamilton’s availability.


‣ There is confusion over whether Lewis Hamilton approached Red Bull Racing or if the racing team approached him.
‣ The rivalry between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes continues, with both teams accusing each other of various things.
‣ Mercedes team boss, Toto Wolff, claims that Red Bull’s Christian Horner wanted to speak to Hamilton about a seat on the team.
‣ Wolff states that Hamilton had a conversation with Horner, which was not about a seat, and immediately informed Wolff about it.

So, did Lewis Hamilton approach Red Bull Racing, or didn’t he? Was there any contact at all? Perhaps it was the Austrian racing team that reached out to the seven-time world champion? No one seems to have a clear answer. Toto Wolff’s comments from Abu Dhabi only seem to add to the confusion.

The ongoing feud between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes continues. This year, a relative calm existed between the two rivals. This was mainly due to the significant performance difference between the RB19 and W14. But, as we’ve seen in previous years, the final weekend of the season brought the rivalry back to the forefront.

So, what exactly happened? Let’s break it down. Horner accused Hamilton. Hamilton denied it. Horner debunked Hamilton’s denial. Marko accused Hamilton. Now, we’re onto the next chapter: Wolff’s perspective.

Wolff, the Mercedes team boss, is baffled by Horner’s statements. He expressed his confusion in a conversation with Speedcafe. “I just don’t know what drives the guy. We just don’t understand his thinking to come up with these things,” he said. It’s no secret that the two team bosses aren’t exactly best friends. They’ve had their fair share of disagreements in the past.

Wolff then shares his version of events. According to him, “Christian, through an agency that we work with, wanted to have Lewis’ contact details to speak about the seat. That’s how the whole thing went. It was Christian enquiring about Lewis’ availability. Lewis had an exchange with Christian, which he immediately told me about, and which was not about a seat but it was just blah.”

But what about Verstappen? Would he want to be in a team with Hamilton? The champion responds!

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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