Wolff Rules Out Friendship with Horner, Last Handshake in 2021

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has admitted that while he respects the achievements of Red Bull Racing, he is not close friends with their team boss Christian Horner, with their last handshake occurring in 2021, despite a recent friendly photo of the two.


‣ Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff predicted that Red Bull would win all Formula 1 races in 2023, but admitted he was wrong after they did not perform in Singapore.
‣ Wolff commented on a friendly photo with Red Bull team boss Christian Horner, explaining it was taken in a group setting and not indicative of a close friendship.
‣ Wolff acknowledged that he respects the achievements of the Red Bull team, despite not having a close relationship with its team boss.
‣ The last handshake between Wolff and Horner was in 2021, before the last race.

Best friends? Not a chance. But there was this photo, right? The one after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. It showed Toto Wolff and Christian Horner, team bosses of Mercedes and Red Bull Racing, looking all chummy. But don’t be fooled. According to Wolff, that was a fluke.

Now, let’s take a step back.

Wolff: ‘Last handshake with Horner was in 2021’

Remember the first Grand Prix of 2023? Wolff sure does. He thought Red Bull was going to sweep all the Formula 1 races that year. “Thank God I was wrong,” he said, talking to OE24. “At least they didn’t perform in Singapore.”

But the other drivers? They didn’t stand a chance. “They were in their own galaxy,” Wolff admitted. And he’s got a hunch they’ll be just as strong in 2024.

Let’s circle back to that photo with Horner.

Wolff explained how it happened. “That was on the way out of the paddock,” he said. There was a group around Mark Mateschitz, his mother, and a few familiar faces. Wolff joined them, had a chat with Geri (that’s Horner’s wife), and voila! The photo happened.

But don’t expect a bromance anytime soon.

“Friends? The last handshake was maybe in 2021, before the last race,” Wolff said. But he’s not one to hold grudges. “You have to acknowledge your competitor’s achievements,” he said. And he respects what the Red Bull team has done.

In other news, ex-Ferrari boss Todt backs Massa: ‘GP Singapore had to be scrapped’. But that’s a story for another time.

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