Wolff Says Russell May Become Mercedes’ Lead Driver

Toto Wolff, Mercedes team boss, is optimistic about George Russell becoming the team’s lead driver after Lewis Hamilton‘s departure at the end of 2024, with decisions on the second driver yet to be made.


‣ With Lewis Hamilton leaving Mercedes at the end of 2024, the team is considering who will take the seat alongside George Russell and how team dynamics will evolve.

‣ Toto Wolff, Mercedes team boss, expresses confidence in George Russell’s potential to become the team’s lead driver, highlighting his capabilities alongside contemporaries like Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc.

‣ The decision on who will be the second driver at Mercedes has not been made yet, with Wolff emphasizing the importance of not rushing the decision and considering it an opportunity to make a bold choice for the team’s future.

Lewis Hamilton’s exit from Mercedes at the end of 2024 has everyone buzzing. Who’s gonna fill those shoes next to George Russell? And how’s the vibe gonna be in the team? Toto Wolff, the big boss at Mercedes, seems pretty stoked about Russell. He’s not shutting down the chatter about Russell stepping up as the main man.

During a chat on the Mercedes team’s site, Wolff spilled some beans about Hamilton’s departure. He’s all eyes on the season ahead. But, he reckons we’re not gabbing enough about Russell.

### Russell as first driver at Mercedes
Wolff’s got high hopes for Russell. He’s lumping him with the big guns like Lando [Norris] and [Charles] Leclerc. “George [Russell] could totally be our next frontman,” Wolff said, barely containing his excitement. “After Lewis jets, I couldn’t dream of a better leader.”

### Who will be the second driver at Mercedes?
As for who’s snagging the spot next to Russell, it’s all up in the air. Mercedes isn’t rushing this decision. Wolff’s like, “We’ve got a gem with George. Smart, fast, and talented. We gotta nail this second driver pick.” He’s jazzed about making a bold move, brainstorming with the crew on what’s next.

In essence, Mercedes is at a crossroads, with Wolff at the helm, steering towards a future that’s as thrilling as it is uncertain. With Russell potentially leading the charge, and a mystery second driver in the wings, the next chapter for Mercedes promises to be a page-turner.

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