Wolff Stops Throwing Headphones After Adjusting Medication Dose

Toto Wolff, CEO and team principal of the Mercedes F1 team, has adopted a calmer demeanor and mindset despite the team’s ongoing struggles to match Red Bull’s performance, focusing on solving problems without additional pressure and maintaining belief in the team’s ability to improve.


‣ Toto Wolff, CEO and team principal of the Mercedes F1 team, has adopted a noticeably calmer demeanor despite the team’s ongoing struggles to match the performance of rivals like Red Bull and Ferrari.

‣ Wolff’s change in attitude has been observed by many within the paddock, including his own staff, who note his icy calmness even in the face of reasons that could easily cause irritation.

‣ Wolff himself acknowledges a shift in his mindset, emphasizing that additional pressure does not improve the situation. He believes the team’s issues are related to the physics of the car, not a lack of effort, motivation, or energy.

‣ Despite Mercedes’ lack of podium finishes in the first two Grands Prix of the season, Wolff remains optimistic about the team’s ability to overcome its challenges, citing a belief in the organization’s capacity to “dig ourselves out” and eventually succeed.

Toto Wolff? Oh, he’s a changed man. Gone are the days when the CEO and team principal of the Mercedes F1 team would, you know, jump out of his skin or chuck headphones across the room. Now, the Austrian is the epitome of calm. It’s kinda surprising, really. Especially since Mercedes is trailing behind Red Bull for the third year straight. And don’t even get me started on Ferrari zipping past them.

It’s the talk of the paddock. Everyone’s noticed. Even his own team can’t help but comment on Wolff’s newfound zen. Despite all the reasons to be anything but calm, there he is, cool as a cucumber. “Found the right meds, maybe? Upped the dose?” Wolff joked last weekend in Jeddah, with a chuckle that had everyone raising their eyebrows.

### Wolff has changed his mindset

Then, getting serious for a moment, Wolff shared, “I’ve changed my mindset. Piling on more pressure? Nah, doesn’t help. We’re wrestling with physics here, not a lack of effort or motivation. The team’s spirit? It’s there. And the resilience? You can see it.”

Being a racer, Wolff knows the lows all too well. “Those results can knock the wind out of you. But we’re channeling that into motivation for the next race. We’re determined to turn this ship around. I’ve got faith in our team. We’ll get to the finish line,” he asserted with a confidence that made you want to believe him too.

So far, after two Grands Prix, Mercedes is still on the hunt for that elusive first podium of the season. Lewis Hamilton‘s ninth-place finish in Saudi Arabia? Definitely not what they were aiming for. But if Wolff’s calm is anything to go by, they’re not out of the race just yet.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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