Wolff Urges Not to Simplify Horner Case as Team Rivalry

Toto Wolff emphasizes the importance of handling the situation around Christian Horner delicately, stating it’s a matter for the governing body rather than a team dispute, and stresses the significance of inclusivity and diversity within Formula 1, refraining from commenting on leaked images or making it a team-level issue.


‣ Toto Wolff emphasizes the importance of handling the situation involving Christian Horner with care, highlighting that it is critical for Formula 1 and should not be seen as a matter for competitors to take action on, but rather for the governing body.

‣ Wolff expresses pride in F1’s efforts towards equality and diversity, stating that the sport is at the forefront of these issues, and stresses that judging another team or person is the responsibility of the governing body.

‣ He mentions the potential harm in turning the issue into an intra-team battle, emphasizing that it is a wider issue that goes beyond team rivalries and should be addressed by the FIA or legal teams.

‣ Wolff expresses concern about the potential damage to the sport from the week’s events and the lack of response from Formula One or the FIA, indicating a desire for the governing bodies to take confident action in addressing the situation.

Toto Wolff and Zak Brown were curious this week. They dug into Christian Horner’s investigation. Wolff thought it seemed a bit, well, “too superficial.”

Then, bam! Images leaked. Images that might show Horner, but who’s to say for sure?

What did Wolff think about all this mess? “From our perspective, it’s tough to add more than what’s already out there,” he admitted. This whole thing? It’s Red Bull’s and the governing body’s business, not ours. “But hey, let’s focus on today’s race, shall we?” When prodded about the pictures, Wolff shrugged. “Haven’t seen ’em, unfortunately.”

F1’s big on inclusivity, right? We Race As One and all that jazz. Wolff got asked about the bubble F1 lives in. “Is this a pivotal moment for the sport?” someone wondered.

Wolff didn’t mince words. “Handling this right is crucial for F1,” he said. It’s not about competitors taking shots at each other. It’s about pushing for equality and diversity. “Proud to be leading that charge,” he added. Judging teams? That’s the governing body’s job.

Then came the question of influence. “Can teams like yours push for change?” Wolff sighed. “It’s tricky. We don’t want this to look like a petty team squabble. It’s bigger than that. It’s about what’s right, and that’s in the hands of the FIA and legal teams.”

So, how bad has this week been for F1? Wolff paused. “Dwelling on the handling of this situation doesn’t help,” he said. It’s not a power struggle; it’s a significant issue. “Let’s not reduce it to team gossip. I’m hopeful the powers that be will step up.”

In essence, Wolff’s stance is clear. Keep the focus on the sport, push for progress, and let the authorities handle the rest. And as for the leaked images and investigations? Only time will tell how that saga unfolds.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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