Wolff, Vasseur Report to Stewards Following Las Vegas Issue

Mercedes and Ferrari team bosses, Toto Wolff and Fred Vasseur, have been summoned by the stewards in Abu Dhabi to explain their use of “certain language” during a press conference in Las Vegas, with potential sanctions pending.


‣ Mercedes and Ferrari team bosses, Toto Wolff and Fred Vasseur, are required to appear before the stewards in Abu Dhabi due to their use of inappropriate language during a press conference in Las Vegas.
‣ Vasseur expressed his anger over the loosened cover that damaged Carlos Sainz‘s Ferrari, using swear words in the process. Wolff, meanwhile, criticized people for complaining about the organizational issues in Las Vegas and had a disagreement with a journalist.
‣ The stewards are seeking further explanations from Vasseur and Wolff about their behavior, as Formula 1 regulations state that the sport must not be discredited.
‣ It is currently unclear what sanctions, if any, will be imposed on the two team bosses.

Toto Wolff and Fred Vasseur may have landed themselves in hot water. Their comments at a Las Vegas press conference have raised eyebrows. The Mercedes and Ferrari team bosses are now expected to answer to the stewards in Abu Dhabi. The issue? They used “certain language”.

Vasseur didn’t hold back during the media session. He was pretty ticked off about the loosened cover that messed up Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari. The Frenchman didn’t hide his fury. He let loose with a few choice words.

Toto Wolff, though, had a different take. He felt folks were making too much fuss about the hiccups the organization encountered in Las Vegas. The Austrian even ended up in a spat with a journalist. He felt the reporter was asking unfair questions.

The stewards are now demanding answers from Vasseur and Wolff. They want to know more about their Las Vegas antics. The rules are clear – Formula 1’s reputation must not be tarnished. It’s still up in the air what kind of punishment, if any, the two might face.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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