Wolff & Vasseur Sanction Decision Made by Stewards

Toto Wolff and Fred Vasseur have been officially warned by stewards for their remarks during a press conference in Las Vegas, with Vasseur ranting about a car issue and Wolff arguing with a journalist.


‣ Toto Wolff and Fred Vasseur received an official warning from the stewards for their remarks during a press conference in Las Vegas.
‣ The pair had to explain their actions to the stewards in Abu Dhabi.
‣ During the media session, Vasseur expressed his anger about the loosened cover that damaged Carlos Sainz‘s Ferrari, while Wolff criticized the complaints about the organization’s problems in Las Vegas.
‣ The stewards concluded that Vasseur and Wolff crossed the line, but the sanction imposed is limited.

So, Toto Wolff and Fred Vasseur are in a bit of hot water. They’ve been slapped with an official warning from the stewards. This all went down after some comments they made during a press conference in Las Vegas.

They were summoned to Abu Dhabi. The stewards wanted to hear their side of the story about what happened back in the States.

Vasseur, during the media session, really let loose. He was fuming about a loosened cover that messed up Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari. The Frenchman didn’t hold back his anger, even dropping a few choice words.

Wolff, on the other hand, had a different take. He thought people were making too big a deal about the issues that cropped up in Las Vegas. He even got into a bit of a spat with a journalist. According to Wolff, the journalist was asking unfair questions.

The stewards weren’t too pleased with Vasseur and Wolff’s behaviour. They felt the pair had crossed a line. But, the punishment they handed down was pretty mild: just a warning.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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