Women Support Geri Halliwell in Horner Investigation

Geri Halliwell, wife of Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner who is under investigation, receives support from her family and the Spice Girls amidst the ongoing situation and allegations against her husband.


‣ The internal independent investigation into Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner is ongoing, causing unrest before the new Formula 1 season.

‣ Geri Horner (Halliwell), Christian Horner’s wife, has expressed her public support for her husband amidst the allegations.

‣ Geri Horner receives support from her former girl group, the Spice Girls, with Mel B revealing that the group is behind Geri through messages in a WhatsApp group.

‣ Christian Horner denies all allegations against him, with the outcome of the investigation expected to be clarified before the start of the Formula 1 season.

Oh boy, the drama’s heating up over at Red Bull Racing. Christian Horner, the big boss, is under the microscope. And it’s been dragging on for a bit. Imagine the tension!

Geri Halliwell, his better half, must be feeling the heat. But hey, she’s not alone. The Spice Girls are rallying around her. Talk about friendship goals, right?

Now, onto the juicy bit. The allegations against Horner are stirring up quite the storm, especially with the Formula 1 season peeking around the corner. Geri’s standing by her man, though. She’s made it clear she’s got his back. And Horner? He’s feeling the love from his fam.

### Geri gets support from the Spice Girls

Here’s where it gets heartwarming. Geri’s not just getting support from her family. The Spice Girls, her squad from the glory days, are all in. Mel B spilled the beans to The Sun. They’ve got a WhatsApp group (who doesn’t?) and they’re all sending love and support Geri’s way. Isn’t that just like old friends?

But let’s not forget, Horner’s sticking to his guns. Denies everything. As for when we’ll get the lowdown on the investigation? That’s anyone’s guess. Rumor has it, though, we might hear something before the F1 season kicks off.

So, there you have it. Drama, support, and a whole lot of waiting. Stay tuned, folks.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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