Worst Team in 2024 Formula 1 Grid Revealed

Esteban Ocon praised the productivity and reliability of the Alpine car during a three-day test, but concerns about its speed and competitiveness suggest Alpine may struggle in the upcoming season, potentially leading to significant changes within the team.


‣ Esteban Ocon described the three-day test as ‘productive’, ‘trouble-free’, and highlighted the car’s reliability, but notably did not comment on its speed, hinting at performance issues.

‣ Alpine’s car appeared difficult to drive, too heavy, and not fast enough during testing, suggesting that the team may struggle in the upcoming Bahrain Grand Prix and potentially finish among the last positions.

‣ Alpine has a history of missing the mark in terms of power unit and car design, leading to frequent leadership changes within the team, including the sacking of key figures last year.

‣ There is a concern that Alpine may have misjudged their own performance, potentially facing a setback rather than progress, reminiscent of McLaren’s experience the previous year, which could lead to significant internal changes and a continuation of a problematic cycle for the team.

Esteban Ocon had some words to share. He mentioned the three-day test was “productive.” Said it went smoothly, operation-wise. And yep, the car was “reliable.” But, he kinda skipped saying if it was fast or not.

Ocon must’ve thought mentioning speed would be a stretch. After all, the test days in Bahrain showed Alpine might’ve missed a step or two. Their car? Hard to handle, a bit on the heavier side, and not exactly zipping through. Looks like teams like Stake F1, Williams, and Visa Cash App RB are a bit ahead.

### Alpine’s got a mountain to climb
Wouldn’t be shocking if Alpine’s fighting not to be last at the Bahrain Grand Prix. That’s a tough pill to swallow for a team that’s been trying to catch up to the big guns for ages. Every year, it’s the same old story – missing the mark on the power unit or the car’s design. And, oh boy, do heads roll in the exec department.

Last summer was a repeat. Team principal Otmar Szafnauer, CEO Laurent Rossi, and Alan Permane got the boot (though “mutual agreement” was the official line). Shuffling the leadership deck takes time, especially in F1. It’s like waiting for a puzzle to solve itself.

### Did Alpine get their hopes up too high?
Maybe Alpine thought they were onto something, especially after a slightly better show in the latter half of last season. But, it’s looking like they’ve taken a step back, not forward. McLaren was in a similar spot last year. Realizing their cars weren’t up to snuff, they went back to the drawing board before the season even started. Turned out to be a smart move, as they improved significantly as the year went on.

But that’s the thing – it was “the second half of the season.” Alpine’s probably bracing themselves for a rocky start to this season. Knowing them, this might mean another round of musical chairs with the top brass. It’s like they’re stuck in a loop, not learning from past mistakes. Troubled times ahead for Alpine, yet again.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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