Zane Maloney: Surprising Leader in Formula 2 Championship

Zane Maloney, a 20-year-old driver from Barbados, has made a significant impact in the 2024 Formula 2 season with Rodin, showcasing his talent by winning both the sprint and feature races in Bahrain and becoming a title contender despite previously struggling in qualifying.


‣ Zane Maloney, a 20-year-old driver from Barbados, has made a significant impact in the Formula 2 season, showcasing his talent and potential for future success in motorsports.

‣ Maloney’s early start in go-karting at the age of three and his subsequent achievements in karting competitions across Europe laid the foundation for his racing career, leading to his victory in the British Formula 4 championship on his debut in formula cars.

‣ After joining the Red Bull Junior Team due to his impressive performance in the Formula 3 championship, Maloney transitioned to Formula 2, where he faced challenges in qualifying but demonstrated his racing capabilities with multiple podium finishes.

‣ Maloney’s recent performances in the Formula 2 season, including winning both the sprint and feature races in Bahrain, have positioned him as a title contender and increased his chances of securing a seat in Formula 1, potentially becoming the first F1 driver from Barbados.

So, the 2024 Formula 2 season was buzzing. Everyone was chatting about Andrea Kimi Antonelli and Oliver Bearman, right? But guess who stole the spotlight? Zane Maloney, that’s who. This guy’s making waves, big time, for Rodin. And he’s just 20, can you believe it? From Barbados, no less.

Born on a sunny day in Bridgetown, Barbados, October 2, 2003, to be exact. Zane was practically in a go-kart before he could walk. At three, he’s racing. Comes in second in his very first race. If that’s not a hint of what’s to come, I don’t know what is. By five, he’s jetting off to Europe. Representing Barbados in karting competitions. Talk about globe-trotting at an age when most kids are mastering tricycles.

The kid was a natural. By 12, he’s crossing oceans. From America to Europe. And not just to sightsee. Zane hits the ground running, or driving, rather. Fourth in the European karting championship. Fifth in the world championships. And that’s just for starters. Come 2019, he’s racing formula cars.

### Maloney gets the chance at Red Bull

Boom. He’s in formula cars and wins the British Formula 4 championship with Carlin. But then, things slow down a bit. Eighth in the Euroformula Open Championship in 2020. Moves up to fourth in the FRECA a year later with R-ace GP. But 2022? That’s his year. Second in the Formula 3 championship with Trident. Nearly beats Victor Martins. Outpaces big names. Oliver Bearman, Isack Hadjar, Arthur Leclerc. Red Bull Junior Team? They notice. And they want him.

Formula 2’s a tougher cookie, though. Back with Carlin, now Rodin Carlin. Shows some serious moves in the races. Qualifying’s a bit of a hiccup, though. Still, lands on the podium four times. Finishes 10th in the championship. Not too shabby.

### Why Maloney has a chance of getting an F1 seat

End of 2023, things shake up. Leaves Red Bull’s nest. Joins Stake F1. Second year in F2, but now he’s wearing Stake’s colors. Also, he’s the reserve driver. Talk about moving up in the world.

New F2 season’s here, and Maloney’s on fire. Qualifies third in Bahrain. Wins both the sprint and feature races. Who does that? But then, Jeddah happens. Qualifies 16th. Not great. Could be a team issue, though. His teammate’s stuck in 20th. But races? Maloney’s back. Finishes fifth and seventh.

Wasn’t the favorite at the start. But now? He’s in the running for the title. Needs to up his qualifying game, though. At Stake, contracts are ending. Maloney’s smelling opportunity. Could be Barbados’ first F1 driver. How cool would that be?

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