2024 F1 Shakedown Completed: Drivers Find It Super Fun

On 24 January, Formula 2 cars underwent a successful test at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain, with teams and drivers, including Victor Martins, experiencing no issues, and technical director Pierre-Alain Michot expressing satisfaction with the shakedown ahead of the season starting in Bahrain on 2 March.


‣ On Wednesday 24 January, the first Formula 2 cars were back on track for a test at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain, marking the beginning of preparations for the new season.

‣ Victor Martins expressed satisfaction with the shakedown, highlighting the absence of reliability issues and the positive start to getting back behind the wheel.

‣ Formula 2 technical director, Pierre-Alain Michot, was very satisfied with the shakedown, emphasizing the importance of understanding the new car’s operations and ensuring all systems work well together.

‣ The new Formula 2 season is set to start on the same weekend as Formula 1, with the first Grand Prix taking place in Bahrain on 2 March, comprising 28 races.

Oh, what a day it was on Wednesday, 24 January! The air at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain was electric, buzzing with the revving of Formula 2 cars. For the first time in a while, teams had the green light to unleash one car each onto the track. And boy, did they drive. Among them was Victor Martins, slicing through the air with precision.

Martins couldn’t hide his excitement. “The first goal of this shakedown was to have a clean session with no issues,” he shared with the Formula 2 site. And guess what? They nailed it. “It was so nice to get back behind the wheel! Everything went fine with no reliability issues. It’s a very positive start,” he beamed. You could almost hear the relief in his voice.

Now, let’s talk about Pierre-Alain Michot, the F2 technical director. The man was practically glowing. “The purpose of this shakedown was for the teams to understand how the new car operates,” he explained. They wanted to ensure all systems were in harmony, humming along without a hitch. “We are quite happy with the running achieved today,” he said, satisfaction oozing from his words.

And just like that, the stage is set. The new Formula 2 season is syncing up with Formula 1, sharing the spotlight on the same thrilling weekend. Bahrain is gearing up to host the first Grand Prix of the season on 2 March. With 28 races on the calendar, it’s shaping up to be an epic season. Can you feel the anticipation? Because I sure can.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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