F1 Standings

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The Formula One World Championship Standings decide the champion of the season. Formulated in two categories, the Drivers’ Championship and the Constructors’ Championship, they run parallel races to determine two separate victors: one for individual drivers and another for teams.

The Formula One standings date back to the initiation of the World Championship in 1950. It kicked off with the British Grand Prix, the first official World Championship event, where points were awarded at Silverstone. In each subsequent race, a unique point allocation system was employed.

In today’s Formula One landscape, the first ten racers in each event earn points. The race winner collects 25 points towards their World Championship tally. On the other hand, a second-place finish entitles the driver to 18 points, while third-place garners 15 points.

The remaining racers in the top ten secure points as well, with fourth place earning 12 points and fifth place bagging 10. Every subsequent position earns two points fewer than its predecessor until tenth place, which earns one point. An additional point is awarded to a driver who clocks the fastest lap in a Grand Prix while finishing within the top ten.

2021 saw the incorporation of Sprint Races into Formula One, aimed at defining the grid for qualifying. Initially, only the top three participants were awarded points. This changed in 2022, with the top eight drivers in the sprint race earning points. The race winner earns eight points and commences the Grand Prix in pole position. Points are awarded in decreasing order, with second place earning seven points, third place earning six, and so on, until eighth place earns the final point.

For the Constructors’ Championship, the sum of points earned by the drivers of a Formula One team makes up the team’s total score. A one-two finish, where team drivers secure the first and second places in a race, brings the team 43 points to their Constructors’ Championship tally.

The constructed structure of the Formula One championships adds prestige to the Drivers’ World Championship. Still, the real essence of power lies in the Constructors’ World Championship, determined by the monetary awards. The championship’s final order decides the time allotment for each team in the Wind Tunnel, a vital aspect of preparation for the following F1 season.