Adam Norris Reacts to Son’s Miami Win

Lando Norris achieved his first Formula 1 victory in Miami, a milestone celebrated by his father Adam Norris, who has supported his racing career through hundreds of races over 16 years, expressing immense pride and looking forward to his son’s potential future as a world champion.


‣ Lando Norris celebrated his first Formula 1 win in Miami, marking a significant milestone in his career with McLaren.

‣ Adam Norris, Lando’s father, expressed immense pride and joy over his son’s achievement, reflecting on the long journey and dedication it took to reach this point, including attending approximately 900 races over 16 years.

‣ Lando Norris had previously held the record for most podiums without a win (15) and most second-place finishes without a win (8) before this victory.

‣ The win is seen as a stepping stone towards greater achievements, with aspirations for Lando Norris to become a world champion in the future.

Oh, what a day it was! Lando Norris, yeah, that guy, finally clinched his first-ever Formula 1 victory on a sunny Sunday in Miami. Imagine that! His dad, Adam, who’s practically a fixture at these races, had to cheer from the couch this time. But boy, was he over the moon to see his son smash it, fulfilling a dream they’ve all been chasing like a carrot on a stick.

Adam Norris, chatting with Sky Sports F1, couldn’t hide his excitement. “It’s been amazing,” he gushed. You could almost see him tallying up the numbers, “110 [races in F1]… about 900 races in the last 16 years.” That’s dedication, right? It’s like they’ve been on this wild ride forever, but hey, they’ve finally hit the jackpot.

“It’s beautiful,” Adam continued, his voice probably cracking with emotion. He even got a text from Lewis Hamilton‘s dad. Can you believe it? It’s like a little club, these F1 dads. Adam shared a bit about the rollercoaster of supporting a racing prodigy. “Hundreds of weekends away,” he reminisced, “but it’s brilliant.” You could tell, this win wasn’t just Lando’s; it was a family trophy.

So, how’s Lando’s trophy cabinet looking?

Since stepping into the McLaren cockpit in 2019, Lando’s been the bridesmaid but never the bride, with 15 podiums and zero wins. Until now. Despite a hiccup in the sprint race, the upgrades McLaren slapped on the car worked wonders. Norris left world champ Max Verstappen eating his dust, clinching that elusive first place, with Charles Leclerc trailing in third.

Adam Norris, reflecting on the journey, shared, “It’s a long journey.” You could almost hear him ponder the twists and turns, the what-ifs. From dreaming about F1 to wondering if a win was ever in the cards. “It’s just amazing,” he said, probably shaking his head in disbelief.

“Three, five years in, you think, this is it, it’s too much.” The sacrifices, the time away from family, it weighs on you. But then, that moment of glory makes it all worth it. “He’s got one more now to take, hasn’t he? World champion, next!” Adam’s words, not just hopeful but brimming with belief.

What a story, huh? From endless races to that sweet, sweet victory lap. Lando Norris and his dad, Adam, showing us all that dreams, indeed, do come true. Just sometimes, it takes about 900 races.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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