Alonso Announces Aston Martin Exclusively for Real Drivers

Aston Martin released a video featuring Fernando Alonso, urging real drivers to pay attention to a mysterious message that hints at the unveiling of their new F1 car on 12 February 2024.


‣ Aston Martin released a video featuring Fernando Alonso with a message for real drivers, emphasizing the importance of the announcement.
‣ The announcement includes a specific date, 12 February 2024, when Aston Martin will unveil their new Formula One car.
‣ The campaign uses hashtags like #AstonMartin and #DrivingAtTheLimit to engage with the audience and build anticipation for the car reveal.

Hey, real drivers, pause that scroll! Aston Martin dropped a clip with Fernando Alonso taking the spotlight. He’s got this cryptic hint for all you speed enthusiasts, capped with a date: 12 February 2024. That’s when the curtains lift on their latest F1 marvel.

Now, don’t just breeze past this. It’s not all about the numbers, you know. Real drivers, I’m talking to you again. Mark this date: 12.02.24. Aston Martin’s teasing something big. #AstonMartin #DrivingAtTheLimit. They tweeted this out on January 29, 2024, setting the stage for what’s to come.

Oh, and by the way, there’s this neat little script for the Twitter widgets. It’s kinda techy and all, but it makes things look cool on the web page. Just a random tidbit for ya.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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