Alonso Discusses Alleged Anti-Spanish Bias with FIA President

Fernando Alonso, unhappy with penalties and suspecting bias against Spanish drivers, discussed his concerns with FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem, expressing optimism about making Formula 1 more consistent and fair.


– ‣ Fernando Alonso expressed dissatisfaction with the FIA and stewards, hinting at a bias against Spanish drivers following a hefty penalty in China’s sprint race.
– ‣ Alonso sought an explanation from FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem, leading to a conversation in Miami before the Grand Prix.
– ‣ Alonso criticized the inconsistency in penalties, particularly highlighting an incident involving Lewis Hamilton in Miami, which he felt underscored a nationality bias.
– ‣ Despite initial frustrations, Alonso reported a positive conversation with Ben Sulayem, emphasizing the FIA president’s openness to driver opinions and suggestions for improving Formula 1.

Fernando Alonso? Oh, he’s been pretty steamed lately. You know, after that hefty penalty back in China’s sprint race. And then, in Miami, he kinda threw some shade. Suggested the FIA and stewards had it out for him and his Spanish pals. He was itching for a chat with Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the big boss of FIA. That convo? It happened. Right before the Grand Prix in the US, which Lando Norris snagged.

So, about that sprint in China. Alonso and Carlos Sainz, they were duking it out. Real intense. Boom! Alonso’s tire goes poof. Drops him way back. And the stewards? They slapped him with a time penalty. Plus, three points on his license. That’s six in total now. Aston Martin tried to challenge it last Saturday. No dice.

Post-race in Miami, Alonso’s in front of the cameras. He’s miffed about Lewis Hamilton’s moves on the track. But Hamilton? No slap on the wrist for him. Alonso’s like, “Figures, I’m not a Spaniard.” He clarified later, to anyone who’d listen, “Nationality seems to play a part.”

### Ben Sulayem and Alonso around the table

Fast forward a bit. Alonso’s simmering down. Had a sit-down with Ben Sulayem. Came out feeling pretty good. “Yeah, had a productive chat yesterday. The guy gets it. Listens to what we drivers have to say. We’ve got ideas, suggestions. There’s stuff we gotta fix in F1. He’s all ears. Together, we’re aiming to make F1 not just better, but more consistent,” Alonso shared.

And just like that, amidst the whirlwind of races, penalties, and heated debates, Alonso and Ben Sulayem found some common ground. Maybe, just maybe, there’s hope for smoothing over those rough patches. After all, it’s all about making F1 the best it can be, right?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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