Alonso Shares Unique Relationship with Fellow F1 Driver

Fernando Alonso shares a “unique bond” with his Aston Martin teammate Lance Stroll, maintaining close contact and mutual support despite their differing performances in the 2023 Formula 1 season.


‣ Fernando Alonso has a “unique bond” with his teammate Lance Stroll, which is characterized by frequent communication and mutual support.

‣ Despite the performance gap between them in the 2023 Formula 1 season, with Alonso often on the podium and Stroll facing more challenges, their relationship remained unaffected and strong.

‣ Alonso admires Stroll’s resilience and dedication, especially following a cycling accident that resulted in a broken wrist just before the season opener, yet Stroll still competed.

‣ The collaboration and shared efforts between Alonso and Stroll at Aston Martin are seen as unique in the current Formula 1 paddock, according to Alonso.

Fernando Alonso? Oh, he’s chummy with the likes of Max Verstappen and George Russell. But wait, there’s more. The 42-year-old Spaniard shares something special with Lance Stroll, his teammate at Aston Martin. He calls it a “unique bond.” Intriguing, right?

Now, let’s talk about Aston Martin’s rollercoaster year in 2023. They kicked off with a bang, with Alonso frequently basking in the glory of podium finishes. Stroll, on the other hand, wasn’t having the best of times with the AMR23. A podium finish seemed like a distant dream for the Canadian.

### Alonso has ‘unique bond’ with Stroll

Despite the gap in their performances, Alonso insists it didn’t sour things between them. Chatting with, he spilled the beans. “Our relationship? It’s something else,” he claimed, comparing it to nothing he’s experienced in his storied career or seen in the paddock.

And they’re not just teammates. They’re practically joined at the hip, talking constantly. Whether it’s a weekly catch-up call, strategizing at the factory, or discussing tactics at the races, they’re in it together. Sharing is caring, as they say.

Alonso can’t help but admire Stroll’s resilience. Picture this: the guy had a nasty cycling accident right before the season opener. Broken wrist and all, he still showed up at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Talk about tough.

Stroll’s journey this season? A bit of a rollercoaster. The car was a handful, and he struggled to get a grip on it. But, according to Alonso, they’ve ironed out the kinks. Stroll’s back in form, showcasing his unwavering dedication through thick and thin. Alonso’s words, not mine, but you get the gist. Impressive, isn’t it?

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