Alonso & Stroll Summoned by Stewards for Multiple Pit Lane Incidents

Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll need to explain themselves to the stewards.

Both Aston Martin drivers are in trouble for different reasons during British Grand Prix qualifying.

Alonso and Stroll: What Happened?

Alonso is under scrutiny because he allegedly worked on his car in the fast lane, which is only allowed if the car is parked in front of the team’s garage. Meanwhile, Stroll reportedly drove through a red light at the pit lane’s end, entering the track when it was forbidden.

The Stewards’ Decision

In the end, neither Alonso nor Stroll faced penalties from the stewards at Silverstone. However, Stroll did receive a reprimand. The stewards noted that while drivers must follow race control instructions, they acknowledged that Stroll had little time to react and gained no advantage from his actions. As for Alonso, he was found not at fault and received no penalty.

Fans might think this decision was fair given the circumstances.

What do you think about these incidents?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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