Audi Announces Progress on F1 Project: 2026 Engine Undergoing Testing

Audi’s F1 engine for 2026 is already being tested.

The German carmaker has been working on its new Formula 1 engine for over two years, and it’s now ready for testing. Audi Formula Racing CEO Adam Baker and CTO Stefan Dreyer shared this exciting news.

Audi has set up a special team in Neuburg an der Donau to develop the F1 hybrid powertrain. This team has successfully completed the installation phase of the engine. They are working with another facility in Hinwil to form Audi’s future factory team, which will debut in 2026.

F1 Engine Testing Milestones

Baker explained, “After just two years, our Power Unit, consisting of a combustion engine, electric motor, battery and control electronics, is running dynamically on the test bench. Successfully marrying the various components into a single unit is the result of hard work and great teamwork.”

He also mentioned that the Audi Power Unit has covered simulated race distances on the test bench. This testing allowed them to gain valuable experience and achieve significant milestones.

Progress at Audi’s Test Facility

Dreyer expressed his enthusiasm about their progress: “We implemented a very ambitious modernization and expansion of our test facility. Today, we have 22 state-of-the-art test benches at the site.” He added that these new tools have helped them learn quickly.

By testing under simulated racing conditions, they gain important insights. Dreyer stated that after successful race distances with just the Power Unit, they will soon test it with the entire drive system – meaning both Power Unit and transmission together. Fans might think this shows how serious Audi is about their F1 entry!

Simulated Tests on Various Circuits

Audi has run simulated race distances on different F1 circuits based on what they need to test. For example, Las Vegas is crucial for overall energy management because it has fast and slow corners plus long stretches of full-throttle driving.

Baker highlighted that hearing their engine simulation on tracks like Spielberg or Singapore makes everyone feel closer to their first race in 2026: “Hearing the Audi Power Unit being simulated today… gives us goosebumps.”

What do you think about Audi’s progress?

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Albert Ramirez
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