Beneficial Impact of Hamilton & Leclerc Disqualification on Drivers & Teams

Sergio Perez, Carlos Sainz, Ferrari, and Logan Sargeant are expected to benefit the most from Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc‘s disqualification from the United States Grand Prix.


‣ Sergio Perez benefits the most from Hamilton and Leclerc’s disqualification, as he gains points and extends his lead in the world championship.
‣ Carlos Sainz also benefits with a podium finish and helps Ferrari close in on Mercedes in the constructors’ championship.
‣ Logan Sargeant welcomes the disqualifications as it allows him to move up to tenth place and potentially earn a point.
Daniel Ricciardo remains the only driver yet to score a point in the 2023 season.

The recent disqualification of Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc from the United States Grand Prix has created some interesting opportunities and outcomes for other drivers. One of the biggest beneficiaries is Sergio Perez, who saw his lead over Hamilton in the world championship widen significantly. As Checo faces pressure to perform, this result gives him an advantage and strengthens his position in the championship.

Before the disqualification, Hamilton trailed Perez by just 19 points, but with Hamilton losing his 18 points from the Grand Prix, Perez gains two points and widens the gap to 39 points. This gives Perez a greater buffer and puts him in a more favorable position moving forward.

Carlos Sainz is another fortunate driver who can thank the disqualifications for his third podium finish of the season. Sainz’s strong performance in the race is rewarded with this result, adding to his overall confidence and proving his capabilities on the track.

Surprisingly, Ferrari also benefits from this turn of events. While it is unfortunate that Leclerc’s points are nullified, Ferrari gains ground on Mercedes in the constructors’ championship. Hamilton scored 18 points, compared to Leclerc’s eight, and with Sainz finishing in third place and Russell in fifth, Ferrari is closing in on Mercedes in the championship standings.

The disqualifications also bring good news for Logan Sargeant. As the only driver at Williams without a guaranteed F1 seat for next year, Sargeant stands to move up to tenth place with the disqualifications, earning him a valuable point. This achievement would be particularly significant for Sargeant as an American driver, securing his first point in his home country.

Overall, the disqualifications of Hamilton and Leclerc have had ripple effects throughout the field, benefiting drivers like Perez, Sainz, and Sargeant. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how these outcomes shape the championship standings and the future of these drivers.

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