Breakfast with Dad Interrupted by Call from Marko

Arvid Lindblad, a 16-year-old British Formula 3 driver and Red Bull junior, aims to reach Formula 1 within the next two to three years, inspired by Max Verstappen‘s success and backed by an early career relationship with Helmut Marko.


‣ Arvid Lindblad, a 16-year-old British Formula 3 driver, aspires to compete in Formula 1 within the next two to three years, aiming to follow in the footsteps of Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing.

‣ Lindblad, who previously competed in Italian Formula 4, is currently racing in the F3 championship and is determined to become a world champion, despite acknowledging the slim chances of making it to Formula 1.

‣ At the age of 13, Lindblad was approached by Helmut Marko and subsequently joined the Red Bull junior program in 2022, marking the beginning of his formal association with Red Bull Racing.

Arvid Lindblad’s got big dreams. He’s eyeing Max Verstappen’s spot at Red Bull Racing. At just 16, this Brit’s tearing up the Formula 3 tracks. He’s got his sights set on Formula 1 glory in the next couple of years. Chatting with the BBC, he spilled the beans on his ambitions and that first nerve-wracking meet-up with Helmut Marko.

So, Lindblad’s stepping up his game. After a stint in Italian Formula 4, he’s jumping into the F3 fray in 2024. He’s not alone, though. Dutchman Laurens van Hoepen’s in the mix, too. As a Prema driver, Lindblad’s currently sitting pretty in fifth place, racking up 23 points.

“All I’m thinking about at the moment is Formula 1 and wanting to be a world champion,” he confessed. But he’s no fool. He knows the odds are stacked against him. “I’d say I have two or three years now to make it and that’s my window – if I don’t make it now I won’t get another opportunity in Formula 1.”

### Marko approaches Lindblad
Picture this. Lindblad’s just 13, munching on breakfast with his dad. Suddenly, his dad’s phone buzzes. It’s none other than [Red Bull team director] Dr. [Helmut] Marko on the line, wanting a chat. “And then we met him on the Sunday morning of the Portuguese Grand Prix, and he said he wanted me to join the [Red Bull junior] programme,” Lindblad recalled. Just like that, his Red Bull journey began.

Since 2022, he’s been officially flying the Red Bull colors, though they had his back since 2021. Talk about a whirlwind. Lindblad’s story? It’s just getting started.

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