British Grand Prix Weather Forecast: What to Expect

The British Grand Prix is the final race in the current Formula 1 triple-header.

Lando Norris has another shot at beating Max Verstappen at Silverstone, but how’s the weather looking?

Weather forecast for the British Grand Prix

During the Austrian Grand Prix, a fierce battle erupted. Norris tried to overtake Verstappen for many laps. Both ended up crashing and getting punctures. Verstappen managed to finish fifth, while Norris had to retire his car in the pit lane. This makes their upcoming race at Silverstone very important. Plus, it’s Lewis Hamilton‘s last race with Mercedes here.

A potential wet race for teams on Sunday

Points will be up for grabs on Sunday‚Äôs race day. There’s a chance of rain, but it keeps changing as we get closer to Sunday. On Friday, rain chances were 70%, and by Saturday, it dropped to 40%. says there’s still a 40% chance of rain during the race. The formation lap is expected to start in 15 degrees with ‘scattered thunderstorms’ predicted.

Fans might think this adds extra excitement!

What do you think about this unpredictable weather?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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