British Media Urge Hamilton to Depart Mercedes Immediately

Mercedes has had a hectic few days after an email claimed they were sabotaging Lewis Hamilton because he plans to join Ferrari in 2025. Toto Wolff and Mercedes deny the email is from an employee and have involved the police to investigate.

The Daily Mail, which received the ‘sabotage email’, suggested that Hamilton should sit out the rest of the season to avoid further issues. “The only way out of it is for Hamilton to take the rest of the season off. Otherwise, the resentment will fester,” stated their website.

Hamilton’s Future with Ferrari

Starting in 2025, Hamilton will race for Ferrari, leaving behind a legacy of 13 drivers’ and constructors’ titles with Mercedes. This move has reportedly upset team principal Toto Wolff, while George Russell is set to lead Mercedes moving forward. Some see this as a conspiracy theory akin to what former Formula One driver Johnny Herbert described: “That is normal for Lewis not to be in the know about everything. As far as doctoring his car so his performances are impacted, that is rubbish,” he wrote on Lord Ping.

Fans might think this whole situation sounds like something out of a movie!

Earlier reports indicated that Hamilton did not accuse his team of sabotage directly. However, The Daily Mail interpreted his response differently, suggesting things could be worse since he didn’t outright deny it when asked. Meanwhile, George Russell received only brief praise from them.

What do you think about all this drama?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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