Brown & Wolff Aim to Destabilize Red Bull

Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing’s team boss, dismisses resignation talks and suggests external interference, particularly from McLaren and Mercedes, in destabilizing the team, while highlighting Red Bull’s significant recruitment from these teams, amidst rumors of internal staff movements and potential departures.


‣ Christian Horner, the team boss of Red Bull Racing, is facing internal challenges but refuses to resign, even after the departure of key figure Adrian Newey. He attributes some of the turmoil within the team to external factors, accusing other F1 teams of trying to destabilize Red Bull.

‣ Horner specifically names McLaren and Mercedes as the teams he believes are attempting to undermine Red Bull, suggesting that their executives talk a lot and should instead focus on their own team issues.

‣ Despite rumors and concerns about staff movement between teams, Horner is not worried about Red Bull losing personnel to competitors like McLaren. He highlights that Red Bull has successfully attracted a significant number of staff from other teams, including 220 from Mercedes to Red Bull Powertrains, indicating a strong inflow of talent to his team.

‣ The future of Red Bull’s sporting director, Jonathan Wheatley, is uncertain, with Horner acknowledging rumors about Wheatley being open to a team boss role at another F1 team but refraining from discussing contracts or specific terms publicly.

Christian Horner is feeling the heat. Inside the walls of Red Bull Racing, whispers and glances have been exchanged. Yet, he’s standing firm, not even a hint of resignation on the horizon. This, despite Adrian Newey’s exit making headlines.

Horner’s got a theory. He reckons it’s not all internal drama at the Austrian powerhouse. Nope. He’s pointing fingers at external meddling. According to him, other F1 teams are playing the destabilization game.

And he’s naming names. McLaren and Mercedes are on his radar. “I think we know there are two candidates involved; they talk a lot,” he says. But Horner’s not about to drag Zak Brown into a squabble. Instead, he’s eyeing Toto Wolff and his pile of problems.

‘Red Bull just attracted a lot of staff’

Now, about those rumors. The ones Zak Brown’s been spreading, about Red Bull’s staff jumping ship to McLaren. Horner’s not losing sleep over it. “Of course, there’s always going to be movement between teams,” he admits. But let’s talk numbers. Red Bull’s not just losing staff; they’re gaining them too. “220 into Red Bull power trains,” he points out. So, a couple of departures? Hardly a blip on his radar.

The gossip mill’s been churning out more than just staff movements, though. Jonathan Wheatley, Red Bull’s sporting director, is supposedly eyeing a team boss role elsewhere. Horner’s response? A shrug. “There are rumours about everybody,” he says. Contracts, terms, conditions – that’s their business, not fodder for public speculation.

In the end, it’s all part of the F1 circus. Horner knows the game, and he’s playing it his way. With a mix of defiance and a dash of nonchalance, he’s navigating the storm. Red Bull Racing’s saga continues, with Horner at the helm, steering through choppy waters.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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