Brundle Apologizes to May: ‘I Shouldn’t Have Approached Him Twice’

Martin Brundle has said sorry after his awkward moment with Sir Brian May at the British Grand Prix.

During his usual ‘grid walk’ before the race, Brundle tried to chat with May, who was there to wave the chequered flag. But May turned him down, saying he didn’t know enough about F1 to comment. Fans online were not happy and criticized May for ignoring Brundle. In response, May apologized on his website: “I had a great day at Silverstone thanks to the kindness of the Mercedes team and my grandson had some truly historic birthday moments,” he shared.

“And by the way, apologies to Mr Brundle. Absolutely no intention of snubbing you. All you see is someone who is nervous of speaking about something of which he has little understanding and anxious to get to where he is supposed to be.”

Why did Brundle apologise?

Despite not getting an interview, Brundle appreciated May’s honesty. He later took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and said: “It is me who should be apologising to Sir Brian May, not him to me for the gridwalk on Sunday at Silverstone. I didn’t address him as Sir Brian, and I shouldn’t have approached him twice when he wasn’t up for a chat on live TV. Nobody is ever obliged to talk to me on the grid or anywhere else for that matter,” said Brundle.

Fans might think it’s nice that both men are being so polite about it all .

Sometimes things don’t go as planned in live TV! What do you think?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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