Chandhok: What Hamilton Might Think if Mercedes Beats Ferrari in 2024

Lewis Hamilton‘s switch from Mercedes to Ferrari, influenced by his belief in a better chance of winning the world title with Ferrari and the departure of Performance Director Loic Serra from Mercedes to Ferrari, raises questions about the potential for regret if Mercedes, under new engineering leadership, outperforms Ferrari in the future.


‣ Lewis Hamilton’s switch from Mercedes to Ferrari has sparked widespread speculation, with the primary reason believed to be his pursuit of greater chances to win the world title with Ferrari.

‣ The departure of Loic Serra from Mercedes to Ferrari, where he will become Head of Vehicle Performance, is considered a significant factor in Hamilton’s decision, given Hamilton’s high regard for Serra’s judgment, especially regarding the unsuccessful zero sidepods concept at Mercedes.

‣ The change in Mercedes’ engineering leadership, with James Allison taking charge, raises questions about whether Hamilton might regret his decision if Mercedes outperforms Ferrari in the future.

‣ Hamilton’s move is reminiscent of his successful switch from McLaren to Mercedes in 2012, which was initially met with skepticism but ultimately proved to be a highly successful career move.

Lewis Hamilton’s move has been the talk of the town. For a whole day, everyone’s been buzzing about his switch from Mercedes to Ferrari. But here’s the kicker: why did he leave the German team he’s been with since 2013? Most folks reckon he’s chasing another world title with Ferrari. Yet, there’s a whisper of something more behind the scenes.

Now, let’s dive into a bit of drama. Loic Serra’s exit from Mercedes might have nudged Hamilton towards Ferrari. Serra, who was all about performance at Mercedes, switched sides to become Ferrari’s Head of Vehicle Performance. Rumor has it, he wasn’t a fan of Mercedes’ zero sidepods concept. And looking back, it wasn’t their brightest idea. Hamilton, it seems, has a lot of faith in Serra’s judgment.

### Could Hamilton have regrets?
Here’s where it gets juicy. Mercedes has seen some changes. Mike Elliott, the brain behind the controversial zero sidepods, has left. Now, James Allison is steering the engineering ship. Karun Chandhok, an ex-F1 driver turned analyst, dropped some thoughts on Sky Sports. He’s intrigued by what could happen if Allison turns things around for Mercedes in 2024, leaving Ferrari in the dust. What then? Will Hamilton second-guess his decision?

Hamilton’s career is no stranger to bold moves. Remember his leap from McLaren to Mercedes? It left everyone gobsmacked. Back then, Mercedes wasn’t the powerhouse it is today, and Hamilton was already a world champ with McLaren. Yet, he saw potential in Mercedes’ project. Chandhok reminisced about Hamilton’s 2012 switch, calling it a masterstroke. It was a gamble that paid off, big time. And now, with this latest move, the F1 world is on the edge of its seats, eager to see how it all unfolds. Chandhok summed it up: it’s a win for the fans and the sport. Exciting times ahead, folks.

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