Convincing Verstappen to Become Scanes’ Fitness Coach: A Strategy

Bradley Scanes, Max Verstappen‘s performance trainer since 2020, decided to leave his position in November 2023 after four years, during which they transitioned from playing FIFA during the coronavirus lockdown to winning world championships in Formula 1.


‣ Bradley Scanes has been Max Verstappen’s performance trainer since 2020 but decided to leave his position in November 2023 after four years.

‣ Scanes first met Verstappen while he was testing GT cars in Barcelona, where he also met Verstappen’s family and friends, establishing an immediate connection.

‣ During their initial meeting, Scanes and Verstappen discussed various sports and Scanes’s background, leading to a conversation about how to win a world championship, which impressed Verstappen.

‣ The coronavirus lockdown significantly affected their training routine, with Scanes being part of Verstappen’s ‘bubble’ and spending a lot of time together in Monaco.

Bradley Scanes? Oh, he’s been the muscle behind Max Verstappen’s racing throne since 2020. But come November 2023, he’s packing up. Yep, after a rollercoaster four years with Verstappen, zipping from FIFA sessions during the lockdown to clinching world championships in F1, Scanes is calling it a day.

Their first encounter? Quite the tale. “I zipped over to Barcelona,” Scanes spilled on the Red Flag podcast. Just half a day, but what a half! Verstappen was there, putting some GT cars through their paces at the Circuit Catalunya. And it wasn’t just Max. His whole clan was there – dad, girlfriend, buddies. A real family affair, you know? They were all sizing each other up, figuring out if this could work. And, wouldn’t you know it, they clicked right off the bat.

‘How do we snag a world championship?’ That was the big question. Amidst chit-chats about football and whatnot, Scanes threw his cards on the table. Despite walking in with a “probably not gonna get this gig” vibe, he pitched his vision. “Already bagged one world championship. How about we get you one?” he mused. Seems Max dug that spirit.

Then, bam! The world went into lockdown thanks to the coronavirus. Suddenly, Scanes was in Verstappen’s ‘bubble,’ seeing the guy more than anyone. Stuck in Monaco, of all places, because where else were they gonna go?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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